• POSTED ON: Friday 01, 2018

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It’s 2018! Happy New Year and welcome to our newsletter edition TWELVE. After our last newsletter it went into a busy period for inspiration at events such as Design Junction, London Design Fair and so on… We burnt up a few miles whilst visiting these and have some inspirational images included in this edition. This year is a year of focus on many key areas of the business and the teams will be having a number of quarterly targets to hit in order to develop some exciting projects from product development to the new catalogue and global development. If you would like to find out about a specific project or product, please email us at [email protected] or contact our team on 0330 1222 400.


Another Place is a new collection of hotels. Whether on the coast, by a lake, in the countryside or the city, each hotel will reflect its distinct, exceptional location. Another Place hotels are for people who want to experience a new environment to its full, without losing a sense of home and belonging. UHS worked closely with the design team and the team from Watergate Bay to come up with a fantastic range of furniture for the inside and out to enhance the experience and comfort for the guests.


Our favourite trends at the moment is that comfy lounge look with the eclectic mix of sofas, ottomans, sheepskin rugs and coffee tables all perfect for that impromptu meeting or agile workspace where you can let the creativity with a coffee flow.


“Cooking is an act of love, I want to convey an emotion, I want to please you who comes to visit me, I want to make my guests happy” Alessandro Borghese. In this project we supported the architect Alfredo Canelli to achieve the outstanding restaurant for Celebrity Chef Alessandro Borghese.


Spot light on our newest team member – Kelly Gilbert:

As Key Account Manager I’m responsible for maximising opportunities with key accounts with the aim of becoming the sole or primary supplier. I maintain and nurture key stakeholder relationships enabling me to best understand and meet the needs of our customers. Representing UHS at all times with the highest possible levels of professionalism and integrity.
I love to cook and to share that with family and friends whether they want me to or not! Travelling is a passion I try to indulge as often as possible and often has the bonus of leading me to new culinary discoveries. I love meeting new people, seeing new places and learning about different cultures and ways of doing things, which fascinates me. I also love going to live music events and can often be found at various gigs and festivals.
Too many to list based on mood, season and which way the wind is blowing at any given time. However being South African I can’t really not say, quite simply, a well seasoned rare steak accompanied by a great Pinotage.


A new trend that is revolutionising the workplace! A new generation trend… UHS are currently collaborating with some of the top Co Working providers supplying a great range of products to furnish the spaces.


Located on Frith Street in Soho, London – this brand new Nando’s restaurant shows it’s true South African colours. Gold and Green leathers are ever present, with exotic reds and bright yellows popping out on selected dining chairs and tables. The table tops and fixed dining tables are real show stoppers, with light and dark stains creating the most amazing patterns. This restaurant is truly one of a kind, and we at UHS Group are delighted to have supplied the furniture for it!


ADVENT CALENDAR – We sweetened up our clients with a months’ worth of traditional sweets, every day in our advent calendars there was either a lemon sherbets, lime chocolates, rhubarb and custard or humbug!

END OF YEAR MEAL – As always we had a fantastic and happy ending to the year with a meal set on by the Directors! This time we had festive burgers that consisted of a high quality burger with bacon, deep fried camembert and cranberry sauce, fries and Beer battered onion rings… followed by a chocolate brownie and cream. We did not go home hungry!

ITALY STRATEGY DAY IN ROME – The Global team got together at the end of the year to strategise a collaboration and move forward on a global scale. A great couple of days with, as usual, amazing food that you al ways get in Italy.

  • POSTED ON: Friday 01, 2018


What do you do at UHS?

Create global strategies to implement and fulfil the brand vision… Creative Solutions Together! I follow trends, design and cultures.

What do you do outside of UHS?

Spend time with my wife and family, keeping active with the kids who love everything from Roller Blading, Climbing to Beach BBq’s. I love to travel the world, eat and cook good food and drink great red wine.. in the summer Gin!

What is your favourite food?

My favorite dish has to be a seafood pasta with clams, prawns, shrimp, mussels topped with loads of Parmesan! team this with a crisp white wine! Bellissimo!

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Shared and collaborative workspaces are growing in popularity. In particular, start-ups and technology companies are likely to invest in a shared workspace instead of committing to a lease; the benefits include opportunities to network and financial flexibility. Businesses across all sectors are also placing more focus on developing collaborative environmentswithin their existing establishments in line with a shift towards less structured office layouts.



[Paul Davies | CMO, Microsoft]

Often, shared and collaborative workspaces are spacious, and contemporary in terms of their furniture and décor – this contributes greatly towards their appeal. If you’re acquiring the furniture for a collaborative or shared workspace, consider the options we’ve put together below as a starting point. These examples have been put together with an understanding that a workplace environment should:

  • Foster creativity;
  • Bring colleagues together, and;
  • Allow for flexibility in today’s increasingly connected workforce

Shared workspace furniture ideas

1) Industrial style office furniture for collaborative work 

Stripped back industrial style furniture provides the perfect habitat for collaborative work. With plenty of space to lay out materials, a U Frame or X Frame Co-Create Table is ideal. Complement a Co-Create Table (or two!) with benches or Fero Side Chairs for a contemporary look.

In addition, Co-Create tables can be modified to include power solutions – should you require a meeting table to double as a workstation when required, a Co-Create table will provide the flexibility you need.

2) Blok seating for communal areas 

For communal and laid-back informal areas, Blok seating is a comfortable and low key option. Blok seating can be arranged to suit the space available and create a relaxed environment for staff away from their computer screens and desk set-up.

3) Barstools for informal meeting areas or lunch areas

Barstools are a fun option for lunch areas and will clearly mark out spaces for eating and informal gatherings. Choose a brightly coloured selection of barstools to create a vibrant dining area, such as the Marine Barstool or Tagg Barstool.

Office furniture inspiration 

It’s time to get even more inspired and view our case studies! We’ve furnished a number of office spaces such as:

For more information on our products or a project you’re working on call 03301222400 or email [email protected].

Craft beer pubs are having a moment – most towns and cities have a number of micro pubs, craft beer bars, or a place to grab a guest ale. If you own, or are in charge of managing or setting up such an establishment, you’ll understand that getting the “look” of your venue is important for your roadside appeal and customer retention. The right furniture and décor gives your pub its character, and is what your customers will remember (apart from the beer, and maybe the company depending on how good that is…). So, what should your bar furniture look like?

Many craft beer bars are known for their contemporary décor and industrial furniture
Often presenting an industrial look, well-known and hugely successful Scottish craft beer company, BrewDog, is leading the “craft beer revolution”. Across its venues, the interior is a far cry from traditional slouchy pub chairs and stubby bar stools – instead, brightly coloured seating stands out against exposed brick walls and contemporary lighting fixtures. We supplied Tagg bar stools to Liverpool’s very own BrewDog; with wooden backs and seats, these stools can be powder coated in any RAL colour or lacquer.

When acquiring your furniture, be bold and stay away from brown or grey – create something with the purpose of standing out. Our product configurator is perfect for this.

Standing out as a craft bar or brewery in a crowded market is important
Admittedly, as a furniture supplier to the hospitality industry, we cannot advise you on the beer you choose to serve, how you decide to keep it, and the bar snacks on offer. However, what we’re great at is furniture design. We truly believe that it can inspire your customers to return, and help to promote your venue across visual channels such as Instagram and Pinterest (read our blog on Instagrammable furniture). To help you to visualise your new furniture, our product configurator allows you to customise 7 different parts of a chair in:

• 420 fabrics
• 20 wood finishes
• 20 RAL colours

As a result, there’s potential for you to create a combination unique to your establishment, perfectly in line with your brand, concept, and what your customers want to see.

Remember – making sure your furniture is durable is important too
It’s not all about your aesthetic! Durable furniture is important for the safety of your customers. Read more about RIGA Testing, our hospitality furniture endurance standard adopted by many well-known UK brands.

Craft bars with a difference
Of course we love the interior of BrewDog, but here are some other interesting craft bars from around the world that stand out in terms of their décor or furniture. It’s time to get inspired!

• BarBarian, Lima, Peru
These publicans have got creative and decked a whole wall out with beer bottles. The burgers are pretty good too.

• Bacchus Bar, Birmingham, UK
It’s not strictly a craft bar, but it’s kind of like walking into Hogwarts if Hogwarts was a pub in the centre of Birmingham…

• Albert’s Schloss, Manchester, UK
The bier palace! We adore the brightly coloured flowers surrounding the entrance and apparently, there’s “push for Prosecco” buttons on every table.

• Open Baladin, Rome, Italy
This venue has numerous rooms, unusual décor, and great beer.

If you need some advice on how to furnish your craft bar, get in touch with us or browse our product and case study pages for inspiration. Cheers!

More and more people are searching using Siri, Echo and Alexa technologies, so we decided to put it to the test!

We asked Siri who was the leading supplier of hospitality and commercial furniture… see the response below:


Printeriors approached UHS to help them supply furniture for their stand at the Fespa event in Berlin – this came after they saw images of the futuristic but retro looking Kite Chair.

Printeriors is a unique exhibit showcasing the many developing opportunities and benefits of using print in the interior design sector.

Forming part of the visitor experience at the FESPA Global Print Expo, in Berlin from 15-18 May, join designers, printers and manufacturers from all over Europe in discovering the innovative print applications and technology open to the interior design market.

[Above] Models from the event posing with the Jack Coffee Table supplied by UHS Group.

Print is revolutionising the way designers and architects work and leading the way for digital technology in production. This means shorter lead times in addition to more economical, straightforward and environmentally friendly processes.

We supplied furniture for the Printeriors stand at the Fespa event in Berlin. The theme of the stand was an “Airport Lounge of 2030” so our timeless Jack Coffee table, and retro Kite chairs fitted perfectly with the design.