Stimulating, atmospheric outdoor spaces…

  • POSTED ON: Tuesday 05, 2018

It’s that time of year again when the outdoors opens up… We see some great inspiration from London terraces, Rome rooftops, Parisian streets and the riverside in Cologne.

An outdoor terrace, eating or social space is an area that requires as much attention as the interior as it become increasingly popular to eat outdoors. Nestling into a corner with sheepskin rugs, scatter cushions and a Rosemary Lemonade Cocktail as the evening dusk settles is a great time for friendly chats, happy laughter and refreshing social gatherings!

To create that space that is stimulating we have a range of outdoor contract furniture that is colourful, in metal, plastic or timber. Add some seating in an Olive green tone with some Pastel pinks along with the Mill Collection tables, throw a rug over the seat, backdrop it with a plant scheme and climbers and there you have it a space to chill!


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  • POSTED ON: Tuesday 05, 2018


What do you do at UHS?

Create global strategies to implement and fulfil the brand vision… Creative Solutions Together! I follow trends, design and cultures.

What do you do outside of UHS?

Spend time with my wife and family, keeping active with the kids who love everything from Roller Blading, Climbing to Beach BBq’s. I love to travel the world, eat and cook good food and drink great red wine.. in the summer Gin!

What is your favourite food?

My favorite dish has to be a seafood pasta with clams, prawns, shrimp, mussels topped with loads of Parmesan! team this with a crisp white wine! Bellissimo!

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It’s not only delicious food and great customer service that keeps visitors returning to the same restaurant; it is the environment, the decor, and the overall atmosphere of the establishment. Customers remember these factors.
Restaurants are where we share important experiences – such as enjoying a romantic meal with a loved one, catching up with long-lost friends, or sharing a family meal.
Therefore, it’s important to remember that these experiences can be made or destroyed by the cleanliness of a venue.
Clean and well-maintained restaurant furniture goes a long way towards ensuring that your customers are comfortable, happy, and likely to return.

Get it right – right from the start
Buying the right furniture is the key to ensuring clean and well-maintained restaurant furniture. Essentially, there are two main things to look out for when purchasing furniture for your restaurant:

• Durability – furniture that is made from durable, high-quality materials will stand the test of time. You wouldn’t expect your customer to sit down at a wobbly table or feel unsafe in their chair. Just as you wouldn’t want them to sit down to a table that has been scrubbed within an inch of its life but still looks dark and grimy. It’s important to select restaurant furniture that will stay clean, comfortable and fit for purpose long after you have purchased it.

• Safety – customer safety is a top priority for any hospitality establishment. You want to ensure that the furniture you purchase is produced to the best quality whilst maintaining style and comfort. Riga tested furniture meets and exceeds the highest British standards in furniture to the hospitality industry.

Cleaning and maintaining your restaurant furniture

Now that you have invested in the right furniture for your restaurant, it is time to start thinking about cleaning and maintaining it so that it stays looking and performing at its best.

Your furniture cleaning regime will depend on both the material and the purpose of the furniture. We’ve highlighted some tips for a number of furniture categories below:

Outdoor restaurant furniture – outdoor furniture is exposed to the elements and requires a cleaner that protects materials against damp and mould. Since customer are eating at the tables, it is important to make sure that the surfaces are regularly cleaned with an anti-bacterial agent and chairs are cleaned with an anti-bacterial or multi-purpose cleaner to make sure that your customers’ clothing isn’t ruined by weather-related dust or debris.

Metal restaurant furniture – metal is one of the easiest materials to keep clean. You can’t go wrong with wiping down the metal surface with an all-purpose cleaner and disinfectant using a soft cloth to minimise abrasion (over time, abrasion can cause paint to chip or scratch). Natural wear and tear in a busy environment is to be expected. As a result, we recommended regularly treating and re-painting damaged surfaces to prevent rust, particularly in outdoor environments.

Wooden restaurant furniture – food stains and grease marks can be tricky to get out of untreated wood. It is recommended to clean your wooden furniture with a wood-purpose cleaning agent and a soft cloth to prevent scratching. Damaged surfaces should be re-treated or painted to ensure a smooth, clean surface is achievable.

Restaurant table tops – it is vital to ensure that your table tops are not only clean but disinfected too. Table top hygiene is paramount – they are a place for food, after all! We recommend choosing a good anti-bacterial cleaner suitable for your particular surface material.

Restaurant chairs – upholstered chairs are the pinnacle of comfort. UHS Group provides a range of fabrics and leathers that are easy to clean and maintain – ideal for busy restaurants. We recommend using a good upholstery cleaner at regular intervals to retain the ‘new’ look and feel. Wood and metal surfaces can be cleaned using the suggestions above.

Indoor restaurant furniture – indoor furniture is prone to knocks, scrapes and spillages, which is why it is important to ensure that you select resilient furniture that stands up to a busy environment. Indoor furniture is easier to clean and maintain than outdoor furniture and requires less maintenance, although it is advisable to review the recommendations above for your specific furniture material.

Do you have any restaurant cleaning or maintenance recommendations that you can share? We would love to hear your suggestions on social media.

For more information, download our guide on maintaining your furniture here.

Shared and collaborative workspaces are growing in popularity. In particular, start-ups and technology companies are likely to invest in a shared workspace instead of committing to a lease; the benefits include opportunities to network and financial flexibility. Businesses across all sectors are also placing more focus on developing collaborative environmentswithin their existing establishments in line with a shift towards less structured office layouts.



[Paul Davies | CMO, Microsoft]

Often, shared and collaborative workspaces are spacious, and contemporary in terms of their furniture and décor – this contributes greatly towards their appeal. If you’re acquiring the furniture for a collaborative or shared workspace, consider the options we’ve put together below as a starting point. These examples have been put together with an understanding that a workplace environment should:

  • Foster creativity;
  • Bring colleagues together, and;
  • Allow for flexibility in today’s increasingly connected workforce

Shared workspace furniture ideas

1) Industrial style office furniture for collaborative work 

Stripped back industrial style furniture provides the perfect habitat for collaborative work. With plenty of space to lay out materials, a U Frame or X Frame Co-Create Table is ideal. Complement a Co-Create Table (or two!) with benches or Fero Side Chairs for a contemporary look.

In addition, Co-Create tables can be modified to include power solutions – should you require a meeting table to double as a workstation when required, a Co-Create table will provide the flexibility you need.

2) Blok seating for communal areas 

For communal and laid-back informal areas, Blok seating is a comfortable and low key option. Blok seating can be arranged to suit the space available and create a relaxed environment for staff away from their computer screens and desk set-up.

3) Barstools for informal meeting areas or lunch areas

Barstools are a fun option for lunch areas and will clearly mark out spaces for eating and informal gatherings. Choose a brightly coloured selection of barstools to create a vibrant dining area, such as the Marine Barstool or Tagg Barstool.

Office furniture inspiration 

It’s time to get even more inspired and view our case studies! We’ve furnished a number of office spaces such as:

For more information on our products or a project you’re working on call 03301222400 or email [email protected].

Craft beer pubs are having a moment – most towns and cities have a number of micro pubs, craft beer bars, or a place to grab a guest ale. If you own, or are in charge of managing or setting up such an establishment, you’ll understand that getting the “look” of your venue is important for your roadside appeal and customer retention. The right furniture and décor gives your pub its character, and is what your customers will remember (apart from the beer, and maybe the company depending on how good that is…). So, what should your bar furniture look like?

Many craft beer bars are known for their contemporary décor and industrial furniture
Often presenting an industrial look, well-known and hugely successful Scottish craft beer company, BrewDog, is leading the “craft beer revolution”. Across its venues, the interior is a far cry from traditional slouchy pub chairs and stubby bar stools – instead, brightly coloured seating stands out against exposed brick walls and contemporary lighting fixtures. We supplied Tagg bar stools to Liverpool’s very own BrewDog; with wooden backs and seats, these stools can be powder coated in any RAL colour or lacquer.

When acquiring your furniture, be bold and stay away from brown or grey – create something with the purpose of standing out. Our product configurator is perfect for this.

Standing out as a craft bar or brewery in a crowded market is important
Admittedly, as a furniture supplier to the hospitality industry, we cannot advise you on the beer you choose to serve, how you decide to keep it, and the bar snacks on offer. However, what we’re great at is furniture design. We truly believe that it can inspire your customers to return, and help to promote your venue across visual channels such as Instagram and Pinterest (read our blog on Instagrammable furniture). To help you to visualise your new furniture, our product configurator allows you to customise 7 different parts of a chair in:

• 420 fabrics
• 20 wood finishes
• 20 RAL colours

As a result, there’s potential for you to create a combination unique to your establishment, perfectly in line with your brand, concept, and what your customers want to see.

Remember – making sure your furniture is durable is important too
It’s not all about your aesthetic! Durable furniture is important for the safety of your customers. Read more about RIGA Testing, our hospitality furniture endurance standard adopted by many well-known UK brands.

Craft bars with a difference
Of course we love the interior of BrewDog, but here are some other interesting craft bars from around the world that stand out in terms of their décor or furniture. It’s time to get inspired!

• BarBarian, Lima, Peru
These publicans have got creative and decked a whole wall out with beer bottles. The burgers are pretty good too.

• Bacchus Bar, Birmingham, UK
It’s not strictly a craft bar, but it’s kind of like walking into Hogwarts if Hogwarts was a pub in the centre of Birmingham…

• Albert’s Schloss, Manchester, UK
The bier palace! We adore the brightly coloured flowers surrounding the entrance and apparently, there’s “push for Prosecco” buttons on every table.

• Open Baladin, Rome, Italy
This venue has numerous rooms, unusual décor, and great beer.

If you need some advice on how to furnish your craft bar, get in touch with us or browse our product and case study pages for inspiration. Cheers!

More and more people are searching using Siri, Echo and Alexa technologies, so we decided to put it to the test!

We asked Siri who was the leading supplier of hospitality and commercial furniture… see the response below: