ROI from your outdoor space

  • POSTED ON: Wednesday 04, 2017

Outdoor space is becoming more and more popular in the UK. These areas are great for revenue boosting in a restaurant as long as the space is appealing, smart, attractive, and clean.

Aesthetically pleasing, fir for purpose and appropriate furniture is always a challenge for the restaurant owner because of the Great British elements, however the outdoor space needs to be utilised as much as the indoor space because extra covers means extra revenue – if the space can be incorporated into the design of the restaurant or brand then this is a winner.

UHS has spent a lot of resources and time designing and developing a superb range of non-wood Mill tables that have an authentic look and feel like real wood. These products fit well into design schemes, are cigarette proof, maintenance free, and easy to clean.

Wooden tables placed outside need maintenance and probably have a maximum lifespan of two years, while UHS’ Mill tables are guaranteed for five years without maintenance, which makes them a no-brainer for the Return on Investment (ROI) for outdoor dining.

Contact the team to get an update, a sample or a quote on the Mill table top ranges available ready for spring/summer customers.

If you would like to find out about a specific project or product, please email us at [email protected] or call 0330 1222 400.

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  • POSTED ON: Wednesday 04, 2017


What do you do at UHS?

Create strategies to implement and fulfil the brand vision…

What do you do outside of UHS?

Spend time with my wife and family, keeping active with the kids who love everything from roller blading, climbing, cycling and if the sun is out at the beach! I love to travel and eat good food and drink great red wine..

What is your favourite food?

Nothing is better than a seafood grill! add some crisp Semillon and its a winner… although every now and then a good steak will win me over…with a good Shiraz!

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This is the most amazing week of the year so far – national curry week and national chocolate week! A great excuse to grab a takeaway and eat a stack of chocolate!

Which begs the questions… what would you choose?

Let the battle of the foods begin! For me it’s got to be Curry… specifically a Chicken Saag with Pilau rice and Peshwari naan! Can’t beat it!

Curry House Furniture

Our love of Curry comes from India being part of the British Empire, with popular Indian dishes and spices being brought back to the UK. The strong powerful spices used in curry makes it one of the worst things to stain a table top, leaving horrible yellow patches. The strong stains and finishes we use at UHS provide good protection against this, although we’d always advise cleaning any spills as soon as you can get to them.

Click here to shop contract table tops.

Getting curry or chocolate stuck into fabric can also stain it easily… but all of our fabric ranges are suitable for heavy contract use and Crib 5 tested.

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Chocolate is probably more popular than Curry, especially with my Italian colleagues who devour dark chocolate Lindt like there’s no tomorrow. Although I can’t complain as there’s usually some floating around the office! Keep an eye out for our end of year gifts and you might be lucky enough to receive some!

I hope you all have a curry and chocolate filled week!

We are delighted to confirm that our Jay Highback Armchair has been tested by RIGA, and successfully satisfied the applicable test requirements from:
BS EN 1022:2005 Stability Test

According to the Standard the Jay Highback Armchair is therefore considered to be sufficiently stable for Heavy Contract Use.

Click here to download the RIGA Furniture Test certificate for the Jay Highback Armchair.

RIGA is an independent hospitality furniture testing house. Created by the industry wanting trusted professional clarity on furniture safety and supply in challenging public sector environments.
The world’s first hospitality dedicated endurance standard. Created by the industry, for the industry.
For more information on RIGA Testing visit:

The introduction of Rust!
The oldest new kid on the block… Rust! We have seen the resurgence of Rust in recent months to great effect. Years of chemical reaction is used to create a dark distinctive burnt orangey colour, which is perfect for those ultra-industrial themes. Old warehouses with exposed brickwork could be effective with rust as they create a trendy hipster environment. Whilst it’s quite daring, the interior industry is always looking for something new… and an ultra-rusty industrial venue could be just what’s on the horizon.

Here’s some of the snaps we’ve taken recently which show this fantastic look…

Metal is still going strong
The use of metals in interior design has increased in recent years, with brass, copper, zinc and steel being the most popular choices. We at UHS offer a great range of metal table tops including:
Queenstown Table Top – a round or square copper table top, which can come with a dark or light patina, as well as a distressed aged look.
Seattle Table Top – a Zinc top with a distressed age finish with rivets. Available in bespoke sizes, round or square.
Orlando Table top – a steel top with stud detail and aged finish, giving it a real industrial distressed look.
Alberta Table Top – a square or brass or round spun brass top with a brushed finish. Available in a light or dark patina giving it an aged look.

We also used metal detail on other furniture products to create a truly unique design. A prime example of this is the Jupiter Bar stool, which features brass socks and foot rest… something we like to call “posh industrial”. Have a go a configuring your own Jupiter bar stool today

Looking for inspiration for an industrial-themed restaurant or venue? Here’s a few you can check out or visit our inspiration gallery for more.
Tortilla, London – This real Californian Burrito & Taco restaurant has a unique industrial school theme using raw metal, distressed wood and even chipboard! Take a pew on our Fero stools, Zilo bar stools or Zilo chairs, and enjoy an ice cold Corona!!
The Velvet Coaster (Wetherspoons), Blackpool – here you will find a selection of the hardiest furniture products around.
Brando Sella, Rome – Industrial style Fero chairs with an artificially aged finished and vibrant powdercoat set off the artisinal allure of the distressed wood cladding and dip-dye style.

Soft subtle pinks and electric ink blues are the colours on trend that are taking over London’s design scene. Anyone who’s anyone is using them so it’s time to get involved.

Why do they work so well?

Soft subtle pinks are like mayonnaise… they literally go with anything! But unlike mayonnaise they are used in some of the most expensive hotels and exclusive members clubs, like The Ned in London. Whether it’s silver, brass or copper coloured metals… olive green or navy velvets, or deep reddish leathers – you’ll find it hard to go wrong! See the abundance of pink inspiration we got from the London Design Fair…

The electric ink blues are striking so they catch people’s attention, but they must be used sparingly with softer neutral colours or you run the risk of overdoing it. Get it right and you could create the look of the future. Check out our favourite electric blue colours from London design week.