• POSTED ON: Monday 08, 2017

UK Cocktail Bar Furniture

Are you looking for cocktail bar furniture? At UHS Group, all bar furniture is designed with an obsessive eye for detail and quality – we offer bar stools, tables, sofas and armchairs exuding quality, craftsmanship and contemporary design.

Based in Oxfordshire UK, UHS Group is a forerunner in hospitality furnishing. We work with leading architects and designers to create unique cocktail bar furniture.

We’re on the pulse of hospitality. Providing furniture for some of the biggest high street chains as well as chic independent establishments, our furniture will complement your cocktail bar’s interior.

Cocktail bar brands featuring UHS Group furniture include:

Be At One
The Refinery, Regents Street
The Kitty Hawk
100 Wardour St, Soho

UHS Group has worked with a number of leading architects and designers to create memorable cocktail bars, such as 100 Wardour St in Soho, London. The venue boasts a stunning interior, designed by Russel Sage, complete with furniture by UHS Group. Bespoke tables and button backed Brompton chairs line the venue, creating a classic look – the perfect environment to sip on a Long Island ice tea.

Furnish your cocktail bar with tables and chairs from UHS Group

Our current furniture collection is vast. However, such a wide selection does not mean that we compromise on quality. With years of experience providing solutions for the hospitality industry, our furniture is designed with the needs of your venue in mind. For example, we provide resilient and easy to clean furniture for high capacity bars and nightclubs as well as vibrant furniture with a stunning attention to detail for boutique venues – make your first impression count.

Design your own cocktail bar furniture using our product configurator

We recognise the importance of choice and customisation in the hospitality furniture industry. As a result, we’ve launched a product configurator. Design your own cocktail bar furniture today and take a step closer towards your ideal venue.


If you would like to find out about a specific project or product, please email us at [email protected] or call 0330 1222 400. Follow us on social media to keep up with the latest news and updates from UHS Group…
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  • POSTED ON: Monday 08, 2017


What do you do at UHS?

Provide graphic design content for brand publications, website development and social media engagement.

What do you do outside of UHS?

Go for walks along the Thames with my dog, brush up on my Table Tennis skills so Elston doesn’t beat me and follow the mighty Arsenal!

What is your favourite food?

Pasta… can’t beat carbo-loading!

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When choosing a coffee shop, most high streets present a number of options ranging from well-known chains to quirky independents. Because of this, there’s little room for dull furniture and lackluster design in such a competitive market – with 70 million cups of coffee consumed in the UK every day, it’s never been more important for your café to offer something different (perhaps an avocado latte – don’t do this!) and most definitely, show off a stylish interior.

At UHS Group, a forerunner in the hospitality industry, we believe that the right interior can be the difference between attracting returning visitors or losing the lunchtime crowd.

So let our range of café furniture and product configurator inspire your cafes design

UHS Group has designed a huge range of café furniture to suit every taste. We’ve also developed a state of the art product configurator – using this tool, you are able to customise 7 parts of a chair in a choice of:

• 420 fabrics
• 20 wood finishes
• 20 RAL colours

Once you’ve finished customising, click the “save image” button to download your image.

Looking for more café furniture inspiration?

As a leading supplier of commercial café furniture, we’ve worked on a number of extraordinary café projects, such as:

Pennethornes Café – London
The Pennethornes Café is named after Sir James Pennethorne, the 19th-century architect.
The Pennethornes Café and the UHS Group worked together to create an atmosphere befitting of the Industrial Revolution era and the life and career of Sir James.

Café Murano – Covent Garden
The UHS Group worked alongside Russell Stage Studio to create the perfect setting for Angela Harnett’s Café Murano in Covent Garden. The design is led by Italian influences and a sleek appearance complements Angela’s Italian-inspired menu.

Pure – Holborn
Pure Café is renowned for its fast and healthy menu choices, catering to the crowds in bustling Holborn, London. UHS Group worked with Pure to create a bright, quirky and relaxing atmosphere fit for any health enthusiast on the go.
For advice on furnishing your space, get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

If you’re designing a wine bar’s interior or selecting furniture for your venue, you’ll understand that furnishing is not just about “putting in some tables and chairs”. It’s much more than that. At UHS Group, we collaborate with interior designers and those responsible for acquiring furniture to maximise a venue’s potential in terms of style and comfort – good wine deserves sumptuous settings, after all!

Carefully considered commercial wine bar furniture for 28-50 Soho, UK

Our experience working with 28-50 Soho, a relaxed wine bar in the heart of Mayfair, gave us the perfect opportunity to showcase our wine bar furniture in central London. The venue boasts stunning turquoise bar stools and chairs manufactured to the highest specifications. Take a look at the finished result here: https://uhs-group.com/project/2850-soho/

Wine bar furniture – the perfect criteria

When selecting wine bar furniture, it’s always important to consider the following:

Space – smaller wine bars should consider tall linear furniture to create a more spacious feel. Take a look at our bar stool options.
Colour – our product configurator means that you can create colour combinations to complement your venue.
Comfort – style is one thing but customers won’t appreciate it once they’re sitting uncomfortably. At UHS Group, we pay special attention to comfort and strive to create comfortable pieces.
Functionality – the practicality and functionality of furniture is vital. Nobody wants to sit at a bar on a barstool that is too low…and trying to eat at a table which is at the wrong height doesn’t portray a well thought out interior design.

If you’re furnishing or renovating a wine bar, search our bar furniture range for inspiration today. For advice on furnishing your space, get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

A stunning new look for Ask Italian with the introduction of some fresh products, fabrics and wood stains by UHS Group. Pink and ink colours have been used with subtle greens and oranges to create a high-end, luxury feel to their restaurant. We love it!

It seems to be the subject at the moment to discuss the perfect hotel room and what the guest wants, especially after recent events such as The Independent Hotel Show where Chic Retreats created a whole book on this.

Watergate Bay Hotel, Cornwall – Fresh, clean coastal scheme

We think it starts with the Hotel and its service, experience and comfort. I recently saw an article by Ella McDougall of Habitus saying that it’s the ‘glamour of vacation with the comforts of home’ That feeling of getting away but the home comforts, those items you need are all essential to the perfect setting.

The statistics that have been shared by Chic Retreats included “My dream hotel bedroom doesn’t feel like a hotel bedroom. It feels like home” and “I want somewhere you can get lost in and forget the rush and stress, of life” It all points to comfort away from home with a few extravagances!
We can talk about the ambiance, the colour shades, the lighting, the fragrances, the technology, the complimentary items, the furniture, the bed, the Art, the view, the room size, and the cleanliness and so on. All this has to be right and consistent through the hotel from entrance to terrace.

A recent discussion in Hansgrohe Water studio recorded by Mix Media covers many elements of design from a number of industry experts. This conversation covers everything from the hotel for the business person, the parents, the hopeless romantics, the escapists and so on. The discussion is between hotel management, construction, designers and suppliers and gives some great insights on latest trends.

Another Place Hotel, Ullswater, Lake District – Cosy library area

Recent projects we have worked on include Another Place Hotel and The Ned, both are quite different and very different in locations but have put a huge amount of emphasis on the experience of the consumer with the comfort and luxury at the top. Another Place is advertised as somewhere you can go for ‘active relaxation’ with its swim club, spa or somewhere to cosy up and read a book. The Ned however in the City of London offers ‘Crash pads to Signature Suites’ along with an array of restaurants, gym, spa, rooftop lounge, nail bar, hairdresser and everything for a lifestyle venue offering to escape from the city life.

The Ned, London – The more traditional classic style bedroom suites

To summarise the ‘Perfect Hotel Room’ or ‘The Perfect Hotel’ is a sanctuary we believe where you can escape and therefore needs plenty of spaces to relax, and free yourself from this busy lifestyle many of us lead.