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  • POSTED ON: Thursday 06, 2017


Following the launch of our new website and product configurator in the last year, we have launched an Online Innovation Hub to bring us a step closer to becoming the easiest furniture company in the hospitality industry to order from. The exclusive benefits of signing up include…

We have put a lot of time and investment into building an extensive library of the highest quality CAD and 3D models. We hope this helps designers and architects produce the best possible visuals for their clients, containing our high quality contract furniture products.

You may have heard about our “Youdesign” product configurator which was launched earlier this year… Well we didn’t stop there! We have developed this further so that you can now get a price and an estimated lead time for your configured product… not only that but you can also buy the product online! This gives you an exact impression on what the product will look like, so you can check that it fits the style of your specific product.

You can view the price of all items in our in-stock range, buy them online and get delivery in 10 days! With a fantastic variety of dining chairs, outdoor chairs, sofas, armchairs, tables and more… we guarantee we’ll have a solution for you that’s available immediately.

1. Visit:
2. Click “LOGIN / REGISTER” in the top-right hand corner.
3. Scroll down to the Register form, or Login (existing users)
4. Fill out the form with your details (address, phone no etc)
Once you’ve submitted your form, your account will be reviewed and either approved or denied by UHS within 24 working hours. The user will receive an email to confirm if their account has been activated, and what their login details are.
5. Click “LOGIN / REGISTER” in the top-right hand corner, or visit to login with the details provided in your email.
6. You are now logged in and can EDIT your account details if required.
For more information – click here to download our Infogram.


  • POSTED ON: Thursday 06, 2017


What do you do at UHS?

Provide graphic design content for brand publications, website development and social media engagement.

What do you do outside of UHS?

Go for walks along the Thames with my dog, brush up on my Table Tennis skills so Elston doesn’t beat me and follow the mighty Arsenal!

What is your favourite food?

Pasta… can’t beat carbo-loading!

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When acquiring contract furniture for a hospitality or commercial establishment, it can be difficult to navigate the vast range of options available. To deliver a successful project, a number of factors must be taken into consideration – such as style, practicality and affordability.

However, it is of paramount importance that furniture is safe – particularly when it will be used in challenging public environments. Unfortunately, furniture accidents are common (faulty and defective restaurant chairs often collapse), but with the right product testing procedures in place, many accidents are avoidable. So what have we done about this?

The importance of furniture testing within the hospitality & commercial sector

As a leading contract furniture supplier to the hospitality & commercial sector, we understand that poor standards relating to furniture safety are not acceptable. As a result, we have developed RIGA – a state of the art endurance and testing facility at The Innovation Hub, Abingdon.

But what is RIGA furniture testing?

The “RIGA procedure” tests furniture to established British standards of endurance contract level 2 as well as BIFMA (the American furniture standard). In addition to these standards, we also subject furniture to a number of tests designed specifically for the hospitality & commercial sector.

Created by the industry, for the industry – as a trusted furniture supplier, we understand the needs of large hospitality chains – and have created tests with maximum impact and durability in mind. Ask us about RIGA furniture testing.

Do you need resilient designer furniture?

Are you looking for stylish furniture design that also meets the demands of a challenging environment? At UHS Group, our talented team will help you select suitable furniture from our range that’s in line with your specific needs.

Thursday 11th January 2018 was a big day for the UHS team as we launched our strategy for the year ahead. Representatives from our UK and Italy office in all departments came together to listen to the direction the company is going in, which is an extremely exciting one!

The day started with a team building exercise before taking a company photo (cheese!). The board and management team then reviewed performance in 2017, as well as their vision for the year ahead. The day was capped off nicely with authentic steak and frites provided by caterers “Gourdans” –

It was great to see members of different departments and countries coming together to reflect on the achievements of last year, and how to develop further as a company in 2018.

We look forward to implementing the strategy to provide a better level of service to a wider audience of customers in 2018.

If you would like to find out about a specific project or product, please email us at [email protected] or call 0330 1222 400.

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UHS Group is a leading supplier of  quality bar stools – perfect for the hospitality and commercial industry. We understand that bar stools are so much more than “space savers” in venues. They are an integral element of an establishment’s overall design and comfort. Our durable and stylish bar stools range from ultra-modern wire framed metal stools to classic wooden pieces.

The biggest hospitality chains have selected UHS as their quality bar stool supplier:

Be At One cocktail bars has worked with UHS Group across a number of venues to create the perfect cocktail bar. The well-known bar chain asks its customers to “leave the world outside and join us for a cocktail, crafted just for you by our energetic and skilled bartenders, whilst getting lost in the music and atmosphere around you”. Our furniture (especially the bar stools) certainly adds to the Be At One party atmosphere – as well as stylish, they are of great quality (so can withstand the energy of Be At One!).

• We’ve worked with the Sheffield branch of Australian bar, Walkabout, to supply them with a range of seating – perfect for a venue with a chilled out day-time vibe followed by a busy night life.

The Cabin Bar, Bristol Airport is electric luxury! We’ve created bright blue barstools for this premium bar (complete with rooftop terrace). With fine wine, craft beers and delicious food on offer, our barstools fit right in.

Design or Durability… why not both?

When selecting the best bar stool – or any other furniture – for your venue or refurbishment project, is durability at the top of the list? Or do you value design over “robustness”? At UHS, we believe that both demands should be of equal importance.

We’re able to subject furniture to a set of tests created specifically for the hospitality sector, as well as British Standards of endurance contract level 2, and BIFMA – the American furniture standard. Products passing these tests are “RIGA certified” and are marked as fit for purpose for the hospitality public sector.

But if you’re looking to create your own masterpiece, using our product configurator, you can do just that. The configurator allows you to select from the following specifications:

• Design: wire or wood frames, solid or soft seating, high back, low back or no back, choose the stool design to suit your establishment.

• Colour: from the frame, legs, seat pad and back pad, your colour schemes are completely flexible.

• Material: choose from a range of leathers and fabrics in virtually any colour to match your décor.

• Finish: from wood to laminate and metal finishes, you have complete creative
licence to design the perfect look.

If you’re in need of furniture for your hospitality or commercial project, contact us today on 0330 1222 400 or email [email protected].

When choosing a coffee shop, most high streets present a number of options ranging from well-known chains to quirky independents. Because of this, there’s little room for dull furniture and lackluster design in such a competitive market – with 70 million cups of coffee consumed in the UK every day, it’s never been more important for your café to offer something different (perhaps an avocado latte – don’t do this!) and most definitely, show off a stylish interior.

At UHS Group, a forerunner in the hospitality industry, we believe that the right interior can be the difference between attracting returning visitors or losing the lunchtime crowd.

So let our range of café furniture and product configurator inspire your cafes design

UHS Group has designed a huge range of café furniture to suit every taste. We’ve also developed a state of the art product configurator – using this tool, you are able to customise 7 parts of a chair in a choice of:

• 420 fabrics
• 20 wood finishes
• 20 RAL colours

Once you’ve finished customising, click the “save image” button to download your image.

Looking for more café furniture inspiration?

As a leading supplier of commercial café furniture, we’ve worked on a number of extraordinary café projects, such as:

Pennethornes Café – London
The Pennethornes Café is named after Sir James Pennethorne, the 19th-century architect.
The Pennethornes Café and the UHS Group worked together to create an atmosphere befitting of the Industrial Revolution era and the life and career of Sir James.

Café Murano – Covent Garden
The UHS Group worked alongside Russell Stage Studio to create the perfect setting for Angela Harnett’s Café Murano in Covent Garden. The design is led by Italian influences and a sleek appearance complements Angela’s Italian-inspired menu.

Pure – Holborn
Pure Café is renowned for its fast and healthy menu choices, catering to the crowds in bustling Holborn, London. UHS Group worked with Pure to create a bright, quirky and relaxing atmosphere fit for any health enthusiast on the go.
For advice on furnishing your space, get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.