New ag(il)e working

  • POSTED ON: Wednesday 05, 2017

So last week I had the experience of working in New York, travelling via Uber, working in a coworking space, ordering lunch via (USA’s version of Deliveroo) – Great I could get used to this…!

Whilst there I was among digital creatives, coders, international representatives, fashion and music companies. The respect was great, the atmosphere was that of a buzzing office, everyone was working and enjoying it, there were meetings in the meeting rooms, or over Skype, collaboration was happening between companies and individuals, networking is a thing that happens day in day out!

What impressed me was looking around, the style of these spaces are embracing the fun element with comfort, design that looks great but not breaking the budget. The chairs, stools, tables and sofas all are design led. From looking at our product ranges we could easily supply them all and they would fit well if you had a budget to work with.

Our furniture is entering the workplace more and more so we are making it easier for you to choose online so you can create that feeling of fun, comfort and your own customised design using our YouDesign configurator tool… its a new ag(il)e way of customising your very own designs! Have a play and have fun here…

  • POSTED ON: Wednesday 05, 2017


What do you do at UHS?

Create strategies to implement and fulfil the brand vision…

What do you do outside of UHS?

Spend time with my wife and family, keeping active with the kids who love everything from roller blading, climbing, cycling and if the sun is out at the beach! I love to travel and eat good food and drink great red wine..

What is your favourite food?

Nothing is better than a seafood grill! add some crisp Semillon and its a winner… although every now and then a good steak will win me over…with a good Shiraz!

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The ship:

MSC Meraviglia is the newest and most luxurious cruise ship to launch. With 2,760 cabins carrying up to 5,714 passengers no expense was spared – this is the fifth ship in the MSC fleet to feature a Swarovski staircase. Scared you’ll get lost? No need, passengers are given a special wristband with many functions such as an interactive map and booking system for shows, restaurants and excursions. The wristband technology can even be used by staff for face-recognition purposes! I don’t think any of the passengers will get cabin fever on this ship with a 25 meter main open deck area with pool, and also a 10 meter indoor pool with retractable roof. And if that wasn’t enough… the ship also features a Polar Aquapark with 4 water slides.

The project:

The ship offers 20 bars and lounges including an authentic American Steakhouse, and a teppanyaki and sushi restaurant. UHS Group are delighted to have been involved in furnishing the restaurant and bar areas of the ship, which offer stunning panoramic sea views. We are also looking forward to working with MSC on supplying their contract furniture for future cruise ship projects.

UK Cocktail Bar Furniture

Are you looking for cocktail bar furniture? At UHS Group, all bar furniture is designed with an obsessive eye for detail and quality – we offer bar stools, tables, sofas and armchairs exuding quality, craftsmanship and contemporary design.

Based in Oxfordshire UK, UHS Group is a forerunner in hospitality furnishing. We work with leading architects and designers to create unique cocktail bar furniture.

We’re on the pulse of hospitality. Providing furniture for some of the biggest high street chains as well as chic independent establishments, our furniture will complement your cocktail bar’s interior.

Cocktail bar brands featuring UHS Group furniture include:

Be At One
The Refinery, Regents Street
The Kitty Hawk
100 Wardour St, Soho

UHS Group has worked with a number of leading architects and designers to create memorable cocktail bars, such as 100 Wardour St in Soho, London. The venue boasts a stunning interior, designed by Russel Sage, complete with furniture by UHS Group. Bespoke tables and button backed Brompton chairs line the venue, creating a classic look – the perfect environment to sip on a Long Island ice tea.

Furnish your cocktail bar with tables and chairs from UHS Group

Our current furniture collection is vast. However, such a wide selection does not mean that we compromise on quality. With years of experience providing solutions for the hospitality industry, our furniture is designed with the needs of your venue in mind. For example, we provide resilient and easy to clean furniture for high capacity bars and nightclubs as well as vibrant furniture with a stunning attention to detail for boutique venues – make your first impression count.

Design your own cocktail bar furniture using our product configurator

We recognise the importance of choice and customisation in the hospitality furniture industry. As a result, we’ve launched a product configurator. Design your own cocktail bar furniture today and take a step closer towards your ideal venue.


If you would like to find out about a specific project or product, please email us at [email protected] or call 0330 1222 400. Follow us on social media to keep up with the latest news and updates from UHS Group…
Twitter – @UHSGroup
Facebook – @uhsgroup
Instagram – @uhsgroup
LinkedIn – @uhs-group


UHS have now pushed the boundaries with its digital platform ‘YouDesign’ that includes a comprehensive configurator tool for designers and clients to design their own pieces of furniture choosing from over 400 fabrics, over 20 wood finishes and a range of RAL colours. We are currently offering trade clients to register and log in where you download CAD files, get prices and even buy online!

Another move forward is the incorporation of our USA office and as a team we have been spending some time in the New York and Chicago areas doing research and networking. A busy time ahead as the teams evolve!

Along with all this the way is opening up more and more through Europe as we complete a number of key projects in France, Spain, Germany and Italy.

If you would like to find out about a specific project or product, please email us at [email protected] or contact our team on 0330 1222 400.



Recently we installed furniture on the MSC Meraviglia cruise ship whilst it was in dock at The Port of Saint Nazaire in the South of France. An amazing ship 315m long, it has 2500 crew and takes 5500 passengers! You get the feeling of its grandeur whilst inside with it’s 19 deck levels, a top deck Aquapark and obviously a number of restaurants. Our team stayed overnight on the boat during the installation with Daniele overseeing the project. We look forward to working on many more cruise liners.



The Idea: To use latest technology to visually make it easy for designers to customise and specify furniture for spaces!



Spotlight on our newest team members – Welcome Emiliano Serra and George Abbey.


New inquiry comes in to your inbox.
You put some options together, price it up and send.
Follow up a week later – Won or Lost
I’ll be honest with you, I’ve done this before and seen plenty of my colleagues do the same.

To some of you there may seem nothing wrong with this approach to B2B sales, however I’m confident for the majority – this doesn’t work.

I’m talking to the companies and sales people that offer more to a customer than ‘the cheapest price’.

Which leads me to the question…

How far would you go for the Sale?

You’ve probably seen these Sales Statistics before but it’s worth sharing again…

Contacting someone 5 to 12 times may sound like harassment but if you’re asking the correct questions and adding value each time, they’ll thank you for it.

It’s all about building relationships and being given a fair chance to explain how your offer can/will benefit them.

You’ll often find that the inquiry you’ve received isn’t the best solution for the their needs and that after the 5th/12th call, the inquiry will look very different to the original.


If for the customer, it’s only about finding the lowest price, then just re-direct them to Amazon.

No response to Calls & Emails…

This is a very common problem for most sales people and will often leave them at stage one in the previously mentioned Sales Statistics.

However, thanks to the online world we live in, most people are connected and contactable. Here are a few online methods to try:

· LinkedIn – View profile, Connect + Message (all touch-points)

· WhatsApp – Call or Message (You’ll be surprised at the response rate you get!)

· Others: Facebook, Twitter, Skype – all possible options

Otherwise, there are a few other techniques you can try after speaking with your contacts colleagues:

· Ask for alternative phone numbers i.e. Mobile, DDI

· Speak with someone else who is working on the project.

· If your customer is out of the office, ask if you could meet them on location.

Again, this may all sound like harassment, but we live in a fast-paced world where people are often ‘too busy to respond’.

This is about never giving up on your customer, finding the most convenient way for them to discuss the inquiry and achieving the best solution to their problem.

I hope you’ve found these points useful and remember that nothing is IMPOSSIBLE!