The Kite Chair Flies the Nest

  • POSTED ON: Monday 02, 2018

We are delighted to introduce the Kite Chair to our new furniture range… inspired by the red kite’s flying the skies of Oxfordshire where our head office is based.


With its swooping curves and wing tip angles, the Kite Chair is an iconic design with definitive angles that make it stand out.


Designed by UHS Studio, the Kite Chair is a statement in its own right. Customise the frame in any RAL colour, and seat/back in any standard UHS finish.


  • POSTED ON: Monday 02, 2018


What do you do at UHS?

Create strategies to implement and fulfil the brand vision…

What do you do outside of UHS?

Spend time with my wife and family, keeping active with the kids who love everything from roller blading, climbing, cycling and if the sun is out at the beach! I love to travel and eat good food and drink great red wine..

What is your favourite food?

Nothing is better than a seafood grill! add some crisp Semillon and its a winner… although every now and then a good steak will win me over…with a good Shiraz!

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Who doesn’t enjoy classic pub food on a lazy Sunday after a lovely countryside walk, or perhaps as a mid-week treat? As well as the food, sinking into a deliciously comfortable armchair by a wood burner, or perching outside in a bright beer garden, are some of the experiences that make spending time in a rustic pub so great. In addition to the beer, wine, and food, the furniture plays an integral role in the pub experience and should be carefully considered.

Rustic pub furniture ideas by UHS Group

Discussions surrounding rustic pub furniture evoke images of wooden tables and chairs, benches and stools, complemented by exposed brick and beams. As a pub furniture supplier, we’ve worked with a number of establishments to create their ideal look – ranging from modern, to industrial, to retro, to rustic. Our case studies area will provide you with some inspiration for your furniture project.

If you’re acquiring furniture for your rustic pub, or your working on a concept, consider some of the options below.

Banana Barstool
The Banana Barstool would look great up against a smart yet old-fashioned bar. It’s upholstered in EP 90 black and has piping in EP 81. At 1070mm high, it’s the perfect size for standard bar top heights.

Dion Barstool
The Dion Barstool exhibits a wooden walnut finish with brown faux leather upholstery. A robust barstool, a number of these seats would look great lining a high table.

Chadwick Tub Chair
The Chadwick Tub Chair can be upholstered in fabric or leather. It’s the perfect choice for rustic pubs with a focus on comfortable and stylish dining areas.

Wyndham Armchair
The Wyndham Armchair is a contemporary yet classical armchair with a button back. It’s available in standard fabric and leathers within the UHS Group range. Insert a pop of colour with this chair.

Battersea Armchair
The Battersea Armchair is upholstered in leather and would look great situated in the corner of your pub or restaurant – perfect for newspaper reading!

Rustic pub garden furniture

Our outdoor furniture selection consists of tables, chairs, benches, and stools. We believe that rustic pub beer gardens look best with understated furniture – such as the Mill A Frame Picnic Bench and Monaco P Chair.

Acquiring quality, rustic indoor and outdoor pub furniture is important in creating the perfect country pub vibe – whether you are in the middle of a city or situated alongside a popular countryside walk.

What’s next after rustic pub furniture? We’ll keep you updated.

As furniture trends evolve, our selection with evolve alongside with it. Choose UHS Group as your rustic pub furniture supplier and begin your partnership with a leading global supplier of hospitality and commercial furniture.

Be prepared to be inspired

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new catalogue… “THE COLLECTION 2018”. Whether you’re a Restaurant, Cafe, Pub, Hotel, Office, Retail or Cruise Ship there’s furniture for every type and size of Hospitality & Commercial project.

Highlights include…
– UHS “doing good with wood” programme.
– Strukta – the incredibly strong underframe.
– Youdesign 3D Configurator.
– RIGA – the world’s first hospitality dedicated endurance standard.
– A table sizing guide.
– Custom Design process.

We are also starting our Table Place Chair range, which features our Kite Chair, Blok Seating, Co-create tables & more.

… but enough of all the hype – download it for yourself!

Click here to download our new catalogue.

Whether it’s how we look for a new mortgage or insurance product, to how we digitally manage our accounts through mobile apps. Kids are now learning how to use a tablet sooner than they’re learning to read, and every business needs to adjust to this. In fact, the only thing that’s not changing is that things are constantly changing and moving forward. Banks and building societies (like everyone else) have to adapt, or risk falling behind in a sector that’s already extremely competitive.

A revolutionary banking experience for an evolving generation

A new building society branch recently opened near me with a new look. After walking in I was amazed with what I saw… gone are the days of harsh/dingy interiors. Banks and building societies are implementing the modern day retail experience in their branches. Bright walls, nice lighting, green plants and open spaces make it a much more welcoming space. Formal glass fronted cashier desks have been replaced with friendly open checkouts. The furniture has been designed to be comfortable and inspirational rather than functional… and with the benefit of iPads on tables and free Wifi, people are staying in branches longer, and engaging with the staff. Money as we know it is hardly dealt with in cash anymore, it’s either on a computer screen or a contactless card. Bank and building societies are re-developing their branches to accommodate these technological and behavioural changes.

So what about the furniture? No expense was spared on the furniture with well-known designer brands being used. Whilst the furniture may look good, it can be expensive and not fit for purpose in a commercial environment.

Heard of FIRA? What about RIGA?

At UHS Group, we ensure our commercial furniture is RIGA tested to meet the British standards set for putting furniture into a contract environment. It is quite simply doing your due diligence to ensure the safest environment for your customers and staff, as well as protecting the investment you’ve put into the furniture against breakages. This can quite easily be achieved without compromising the look of the furniture – see example below.

The proof is in the projects…

We’ve worked on several global commercial furniture projects to achieve this look – click below to view the projects.
– FinnCap offices, London
– Mediolanum Bank, Milan
– Reach Robotics, Bristol
– The Collective – co-working & co-living spaces
– The Hut Group offices

If you’re a bank or building society looking to upgrade your branch with fit for purpose contract furniture at reasonable prices, email [email protected] | phone 0330 1222 400 | visit

Beautifully designed, unique and on-trend hospitality or commercial furniture is vital when creating your venue’s appeal – your furniture should inspire visitors to capture their experience. Why? Because roughly 800 million people use Instagram on a monthly basis. If your venue’s interior is creative, design-led and memorable, your visitors will reach for their phone, share an image of your establishment to all of their followers (and maybe even “check in” – promoting your location too).

Selecting furniture with “instagrammability” in mind may not be in line with your modest character – but why deny your venue promotion on a potentially massive scale? Type the word “instagrammable” into Google and some of the suggested searches include “instagrammable cafes in London”, “instagrammable restaurants” and “instagrammable bars.”

Select your venue’s furniture to successfully capitalise on this ubiquitous trend. Do you require wooden furniture in line with your rustic concept? Or perhaps a more industrial look will place the emphasis on your bold lighting? Consider the options below.

Industrial café furniture – a favourite in the UK’s coffee shops

The utilitarian furniture trend has been around for a while now and it’s not ready to exit the stage. In line with recent trends, this furniture complements concepts with a heavy focus on lighting (expect to see more of this in 2018).

As a leading supplier of furniture to cafés and coffee shops, our selection of industrial café furniture is very durable and available in a variety of finishes and colours. For example, the Fero Side Chair exhibits classic bistro design, is stackable, and our product configurator enables you to customise the seat pad and frame in RAL colours in line with your interior design.

Surround your customers with nature using wooden café furniture

Bringing the outdoors in is set to be a popular theme for 2018 in the UK. Complement an array of indoor potted plants using wooden café furniture in natural and vivid colours. There’s plenty of Garden Café inspiration on Pinterest (

Our wooden café furniture section is vast and presents a range of options to suit a number of venues. For maximum effect, customise your wooden furniture using our product configurator – the seat, back, frame, legs, and pad are customisable in a number of wood finishes and RAL colours. Wooden furniture does not have to be dull; UHS Group will supply vivid tables and chairs (perfect for enticing visitors to share their experience of your café).

Retro café furniture – jump on this trend and lead the UK’s coffee shop scene

Retro finishes are very much on trend this year. Chrome and bright metals can be found in on trend restaurants (read more on Our metal furniture includes the Geo Coffee Table and Primal Coffee Table.

Furniture and interior design Instagram accounts

Need inspiration? Some of my favourite furniture Instagram accounts include:
Design Milk (also see Design Milk At The Office & Design Milk Everyday)
DesignBoom Magazine
Restaurant & Bar Design
Hospitality Design
And UHS Group (of course!)… follow us for furniture inspiration and impressive images of some of the latest trends. Check out our Instagram takeover below from December 2017.