At UHS we are passionate about giving back to the community, and helping those in need (quite often by helping those who help those who are in need!). In addition to numerous one off gifts and various sponsorships, we have given to the British Heart Foundation and Great Ormond Street hospital. The British Heart Foundation is a charity which funds research into a variety of heart conditions (angina, heart failure, coronary heart disease), as well as providing funding for research into strokes and high blood pressure. Great Ormond Street is a specialist children’s hospital (among the top five in the world), which has pioneered multiple breakthroughs since their establishment, as well as saving lives and providing care on a day to day basis.

Our main charitable work at UHS is with the Grace Trust, a Christian charity which focuses on eliminating poverty, providing humanitarian aid, and supporting various other charities in a range of roles. The Grace Trust also devotes a significant proportion of their resources to the education of children in Britain, continental Europe, and across the globe. UHS donates £3000 a month to the Grace Trust, as we believe that they are doing great work, and that their values tie in closely with our own. In addition to supporting charities at a global and national level, we also fund local community projects. So far we have donated a total of £21,000 through our FRS service to various local community projects, in addition to our considerable other charitable commitments.

In 2014, UHS donated over £28,000 to various charitable appeals, helping change the world we live in and peoples lives for the better. Among the Charities we gave to were: the Better Together Campaign, which worked to keep Scotland part of the UK in the referendum of September. Also, the TRG Leukaemia/Lymphoma Appeal, the Centerpoint London Marathon which helped raise awareness of young homeless people and work towards a better future for them, Breakthrough Breast Cancer, notable donations to Zizzi & Cancer Research’s UK 3Peak Challenge, and a sponsorship for the ASK Italian Summer Triathlon event which raised funds for the Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on our charity donations.