Using Pub Furniture to Create an Experience

POSTED ON: Thursday 08, 2020

Using Pub Furniture to Create an Experience

POSTED ON: Thursday 08, 2020

Pubs today have evolved to be of experiential nature. Just-round-the-corner pubs to fancy five-star gastro pubs are part of people’s routines nowadays. While weekdays get people flocking in for a quick drink after work over some casual chit chat or a quick bite to eat, weekdays get them spending entire evenings and nights with a friend or group of friends.

The popularity of a pub depends on the experience it creates for its customers. Loyalty calls for that perfect ambience coupled with good drinks and food to complement their moods. The focus should be on creating an experience worth sharing and remembering.

How does the interior décor matter?

Since social media is a part of everyday life now, pubs have the added pressure of creating an exceptional experience for customers so that they would share the same via pictures through their social media profiles. Nothing works more than word of mouth publicity and people vouching for your place.

      • Choose a theme that you and your target audience can relate to.
      • The right lighting can set the mood and tone for your place.
      • Pick furniture that resonates with the experience you want to create.

How to choose furniture to create the right experience?

Furniture has a pivotal role in creating the right atmosphere and building brand image. They should be chosen such that anyone who walks in is impressed and are drawn into the pub experience. 

      • Bar tables

Bar tables, while facilitating conversations, are great additions to pub furniture to create a balanced yet clutter-free layout. They can be used with or without bar stools around them and can be interspersed with the other furniture to amp up the pub ambience. If you opt for a rustic theme for your pub, an all-wood furniture style with rustic touches would be apt, like the aged Queenstown table tops with distressed finish. But a modern and minimalist theme can be decked up with pieces like this Soda bar table or the Montague bar table.


      • Bar stools

Bar stools add to the vibrant quotient of a pub and can be made of metal, leather upholstery or wood. Something like the Hula spindle barstool is ideal for contemporary and traditional themes, and is easy to maintain and sturdy. A slightly upscale and modern design calls for the Taylor upholstered barstool, with a comfortable design and function. The Regan barstool will complement a classic pub look well.

      • Sofas/couches

Depending on the space available, couches can be placed in corners to amp up the comfort quotient of your pub, or even just the reception/waiting area. A theme reflecting luxury can be complemented with the Alberto traditional pub chair, a traditional and cosy piece of pub furniture. It can be used as an accent to bring in that traditional charm to your pub ambience. Or accentuate your pub ambience with Geneva lounge armchair for that dash of sophistication and comfort. It gives out an inviting and unwind vibe.


      • Outdoor setting

If you have an outdoor space attached to your pub, consider setting up a pub beer garden with comfortable Mill benches and tables, some or all of them attached to open umbrellas, serving beer and local food. Usually, tables are shared with music and games filling up the ambience.

      • Events – casual/formal

Corporates nowadays look for different ways to entertain employees and clients and you could rent out your pub for such events. Some might want to retain the ambience. But for those looking for a more formal event like setting, you would have to make arrangements for banquet seating with chairs like the Kite dining chair or the Mel side chair.