The newest trends in restaurant design

POSTED ON: Friday 02, 2019

The newest trends in restaurant design

POSTED ON: Friday 02, 2019

Visual stimuli have been proven to alter your customers’ perception of taste, flavour, and smell. In fact, in an article on the drinks business, a professor of experimental psychology at Oxford University, Charles Spence, said: “Lighting and music can act as digital seasoning for food and wine.” With this in mind, it’s vital that bars and restaurants maximise the benefits that their environment can create; ultimately, interior design should be taken care of by specialists and regularly updated in line with the latest design trends and customer expectations.

UHS Group enjoys looking ahead in terms of design trends, especially in the hospitality space – we’ve summarised some of the newest trends in this blog. How many of them have you seen in the wild already?

It’s time to bring back retro
The Restaurant Design Show states that: “Velvet is making its way back into interior design and quite steadily. The luxurious look and feel of the fabric is slowly taking over as the best upholstery to opt for.”
We’re a huge fan of velvet – it looks great in gastro pubs, luxury cocktail bars and sophisticated hotel lobbies. Our Sterling Sofa is upholstered in rich velvets and looks at home tucked up against a back wall in a delicious country pub setting.


Eclectic themes are gaining popularity
The Restaurant Design Show’s blog also talks about eclectic themes, such as the unusual trend of “black walls, black sofas, black decor pieces – name it and you have it.” Check out CAMPO Modern Grill’s interior combining dark colours and natural materials, an exemplar of the dark on dark trend.
In line with the eclectic themes, there’s mention of darker, braver and contrasting colour schemes too, such as pairing deep purples with vibrant oranges. Take a look at some of our bolder furniture options in action if eclectic is what you’re aiming for.

Green is still growing
The botanical boom was a huge design trend that seems to be here to stay. Plants on the walls have become commonplace, and in some venues, there’s a succulent on every shelf. There’s a lot to be said for the green trend – the presence of fresh herbs and plants can have a magnificent impact on your restaurant’s atmosphere and connects customers to the freshness of food on offer. In addition, earthy tones, such as greens and browns, are known to evoke feelings of stability and comfort. Perhaps this contributes to the success of repeat custom?

It should be said that the botanical barrage has been a long time in the making. With its roots in The Renaissance, we would not be surprised if many restaurant concepts are centred on “greenness” for a while.


Natural materials and textures are taking the place of industrial

Industrial restaurant furniture was everywhere throughout 2017 and 2019. Whilst we enjoyed the edginess and sense of cool it bought to many restaurants, it’s now on its way out. Instead, we’re liking the look of more natural materials on show, and a less stylised approach towards interiors. Our Muswell Table would look fabulous within a restaurant looking to bring back the colour and step away from the brushed steel.


Overall, it’s great to see a lot of colour on the scene in 2019, and we can’t wait to supply our customers with the furniture required to perfectly suit their vision.

If you’re looking for a hospitality furniture provider with plenty of passion and energy for great design, view our projects pages and get inspired.