Reach Robotics (Interaction) Bristol

Designed by Interaction UK | Photos by Rebecca Faith Photography

Reach Robotics are a fast growing technology company with offices in Bristol, UK. Their office space was redesigned by Interaction to facilitate more collaboration, creativity and flexibility. Who wouldn’t want to work in a space like this?

Featured products from the UHS range include the Morello Armchair and Sofa, Compton Sofa, Rupert Chair, Fero Stool and Tagg Studio Stool.

Electric blue sofa’s and armchairs bring comfort away from home into the office environment, and promote more agile working. The soft seating area’s sit well alongside the typically scientific looking barstools that you’d expect to see in a lab.

Overall the furniture supplied reflects the Reach Robotics brand values perfectly, and has created a much more comfortable space to innovate.