Bright colours and vibrant artwork are guaranteed to give you an inspirational dining experience here! Staying true to the South African influences that now form an integral part of Nando’s branding, we based our design around vibrant colours, traditional patterns and unique artwork that pays homage to the restaurant’s roots.

Blending splashes of modernity with a rustic touch, we brought new life to the simple, timber-backed Hula chair with an eye-catching green base and delivered further pops of colour with bright yellow Ronda chairs and comfortable Bai chairs in a distinctive saffron hue. Texture was added with red, woven-backed Yard chairs and a touch of class came from inlaid brass detailing on oak table-tops.

We pride ourselves on achieving excellent results whilst working to a client’s budget, and employed some creative thinking to ensure the furniture spend didn’t eat up too much of the total refit budget. Consequently, we chose to revamp the existing solid oak tables with a bright, yellow stain; providing an instant face-lift without severely denting the budget.

Additionally, the required emphasis on natural materials to avoid any artificiality could easily have raised costs, but tactics such as employing a matt lacquer finish to table-tops gave the furniture an elegant, rustic feel whilst sticking to the financial constraints.