Italian Hospitality in a Modern World

POSTED ON: Wednesday 10, 2019

Italian Hospitality in a Modern World

POSTED ON: Wednesday 10, 2019

In a world of ever-changing food trends, how is the famous and traditional Italian cuisine keeping up? 

The profound cultural transformations and technological advancements that have occurred in recent years have impacted the hospitality industry in a big way.

Nowadays there is a quasi-obsessive, but enjoyable attention to detail. A client entering a restaurant – even for a quick lunch – is guided through an experience that leaves them feeling refreshed and recharged.

Hospitality in sunny Italy is experiencing a new phenomenon that goes by the name of Slow Food. The aim? To peel away any unnecessary layers of pretension and get back to the pure joy of enjoying food. Dishes and ingredients – their essence and their uniqueness – are once again at the centre of attention. Food is to be enjoyed slowly and thoughtfully.

Vegetarian and vegan restaurants have sprung up on every corner. Almost every restaurant now boasts its own range of gluten- and lactose-free options.

Celebrities have risen and evolved at lightening-speed on the hospitality scene. Where a chef was once a common-place job, it is now a prestigious and competitive role, often compared to that of a footballer. Food- and chef-centered TV shows are on the rise, as is the number of starred restaurants.

Eating is no longer about being content with anything one finds. The increased speed in today’s world has left precious few moments at our disposal. We don’t want to waste those by sacrificing the quality – and thus our enjoyment – of our food.

And what about you? Have you updated your restaurant, your bar, your cafe to reflect these new trends?

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