Why “Instagrammability” matters when selecting furniture?

PUBLISHED BY: Why “Instagrammability” matters when selecting furniture? POSTED ON: Tuesday 02, 2018

Why “Instagrammability” matters when selecting furniture?

PUBLISHED BY: Why “Instagrammability” matters when selecting furniture? POSTED ON: Tuesday 02, 2018

Beautifully designed, unique and on-trend hospitality or commercial furniture is vital when creating your venue’s appeal – your furniture should inspire visitors to capture their experience. Why? Because roughly 800 million people use Instagram on a monthly basis. If your venue’s interior is creative, design-led and memorable, your visitors will reach for their phone, share an image of your establishment to all of their followers (and maybe even “check in” – promoting your location too).

Selecting furniture with “instagrammability” in mind may not be in line with your modest character – but why deny your venue promotion on a potentially massive scale? Type the word “instagrammable” into Google and some of the suggested searches include “instagrammable cafes in London”, “instagrammable restaurants” and “instagrammable bars.”

Select your venue’s furniture to successfully capitalise on this ubiquitous trend. Do you require wooden furniture in line with your rustic concept? Or perhaps a more industrial look will place the emphasis on your bold lighting? Consider the options below.

Industrial café furniture – a favourite in the UK’s coffee shops

The utilitarian furniture trend has been around for a while now and it’s not ready to exit the stage. In line with recent trends, this furniture complements concepts with a heavy focus on lighting (expect to see more of this in 2018).

As a leading supplier of furniture to cafés and coffee shops, our selection of industrial café furniture is very durable and available in a variety of finishes and colours. For example, the Fero Side Chair exhibits classic bistro design, is stackable, and our product configurator enables you to customise the seat pad and frame in RAL colours in line with your interior design.

Surround your customers with nature using wooden café furniture

Bringing the outdoors in is set to be a popular theme for 2018 in the UK. Complement an array of indoor potted plants using wooden café furniture in natural and vivid colours. There’s plenty of Garden Café inspiration on Pinterest (https://www.pinterest.com/explore/garden-cafe/).

Our wooden café furniture section is vast and presents a range of options to suit a number of venues. For maximum effect, customise your wooden furniture using our product configurator – the seat, back, frame, legs, and pad are customisable in a number of wood finishes and RAL colours. Wooden furniture does not have to be dull; UHS Group will supply vivid tables and chairs (perfect for enticing visitors to share their experience of your café).

Retro café furniture – jump on this trend and lead the UK’s coffee shop scene

Retro finishes are very much on trend this year. Chrome and bright metals can be found in on trend restaurants (read more on https://www.architecturaldigest.com). Our metal furniture includes the Geo Coffee Table and Primal Coffee Table.

Furniture and interior design Instagram accounts

Need inspiration? Some of my favourite furniture Instagram accounts include:
Design Milk (also see Design Milk At The Office & Design Milk Everyday)
DesignBoom Magazine
Restaurant & Bar Design
Hospitality Design
And UHS Group (of course!)… follow us for furniture inspiration and impressive images of some of the latest trends. Check out our Instagram takeover below from December 2017.



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