How to Choose the Best Hotel Lounge Furniture

POSTED ON: Saturday 08, 2020

How to Choose the Best Hotel Lounge Furniture

POSTED ON: Saturday 08, 2020


Ever wondered what people are looking for when it comes to choosing a hotel during their leisure or business travel? People always enjoy a good place to relax and somewhere that feels like home. The market for travel, tourism and business travel is ever-expanding.

Customers today pay close attention to comfort, cleanliness, price, architectural structure, location, service quality and the visual aesthetics of the place. This makes choosing the best interior design element for your hotel very important.

The hotel lounge is one of the first spaces a customer engages with and it is necessary to design these spaces with quality people-friendly elements to make them feel comfortable. The hotel lounge is the face of your hotel and a perfect area to attract many new visitors. Therefore, one must be mindful in choosing elements like the furniture which should be high quality, comfortable, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing to the visitors in this area.

What makes the best hotel lounge?

A well-designed and functional lounge looks as follows:

It has ample amount of space and well-differentiated sections for dining, working and relaxing.

It must offer other utility functions like Wi-Fi connectivity, ease of access to power points and

A room with a good view and an ample amount of space to move.

How can you as a hotelier make the best choice?

Here are a few tips that will help you choose the best hotel lounge furniture without much hassle.

  1. Be mindful of the available space (realise space): It is very important to check the current available space in terms of dimensions, the usability of the space. The goal here is to make the most efficient decision in terms of selecting a piece of furniture for your space.
  2. Close attention to budget: Remember you want to make people feel like home, so purchase furniture or other elements that are more towards the idea of comfort than luxury and abstract design. Once you set a budget, stick by it, there are various budget-friendly options available online. Visit online manufactures of various stores and make a well informed and decision.
  3. Go for an In-store experience: Imagine if you really like a certain piece of furniture and once it arrives home it feels different. To avoid situations like these, make sure you drop by the store and have a good look and feel of the product you are buying before actually making the purchase. An in store experience also helps you find other pieces that are likely to compliment your selection. Overall, we are focusing on a holistic approach of the furniture at a hotel and not make it look like (combination of irrelevant pieces) parts of a different story.
  4. Hire an expert to help you in the whole visualisation process: It is very important to have good knowledge of how certain elements will look good and pleasing to the customers. Elevating the aesthetic feel of any space is the goal when it comes to making people feel comfortable and giving them a quality stay experience at a hotel is the goal here. Visit the store with an expert and get a good feel of the furniture before the actual purpose.
  5. Choose furniture that matches the whole vibe of the hotel: Build a story around the look and feel of the place and deliver the same via visual elements like furniture.
  6. Check the lifespan of materials: Take a good check on how durable the material of the furniture is when making a purchase. We don’t want to end up with a chipped sofa or a worn off looking table right at the lounge where so many people engage every day. We want to find people talking about how appealing the interior space is and not about that one chair that has a slight chip off due to the poor material it is made up of. Life of furniture is a very important thing you must look out for as a hotel owner to eliminate timely renewal of elements like furniture that are supposed to be an investment for a good sum of years and for the price you are buying t for definitely. And finally,
  7. Go Minimalistic: Too much is not always necessary. When choosing furniture for the spaces like a hotel lounge, one should focus on important elements like furniture and colour of the walls, decor etc. Make the space as functional as possible that includes having enough space for people to move around and feel comfortable. We don’t want to fill a space just for it to look occupied. The simplest of spaces are the most functional and easy to use.
  8. Making it feel safe,secure and clean: Choose easy cleaning tabletops. Laminate style tables are the right choice for regular cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing bustling cafes since they can be quickly wiped down with a damp cloth and spray to remove any spills or debris. On the other hand, solid oak tables are likely to require regular treatment to make them suitable for commercial use. You could also invest in a Penguin sanitiser dispenser by UHS’ sister brand RigaSan to create confidence in the space.

Conclusion: Remember, create a space that is less chaos and more functional to your customers. Think of the hotel lounge as your brand’s visual identity that needs to get across people in the best way possible. This is just the time to be creative and create something that sets your hotel apart from the others in the market.