How do you enter the office?

PUBLISHED BY: How do you enter the office? POSTED ON: Wednesday 02, 2017

How do you enter the office?

PUBLISHED BY: How do you enter the office? POSTED ON: Wednesday 02, 2017

“Morning, Morning, Morning, Morning”

Smile and Nod

“Hi, how you doing? Yeah good thanks”

Head down, get to the desk as quick as possible

“Guuhhh the traffic was awful!”

These are just a few common examples of what I’ve experienced from my time working in an office.

How do you enter the office?

I’ll be honest, I’ve used all of these greetings before whilst walking through the office doors in the morning.

However recently, whilst driving to work in the morning, a few good songs played in a row and it got me thinking about how amazing it would be if it was company policy to Dance your way to the desk in the morning…….crazy idea right?

National Pumped Day

Funny enough, about two days later, I walked in the office and was greeted with…

“George, happy National Pumped Day!”

Straight away an even bigger smile hit me and I danced my way over to my desk.

I found out quite quickly that it wasn’t National Pumped Day and that the day doesn’t even exist but it didn’t matter as it had already changed my morning for the better.

A productive day in the office followed and I’m confident that the start to my day played a big part in that.

Every day should be National Pumped Day, every day we should dance to our desks and this is only achievable with the right team behind you!

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What do you do at UHS?

Working closely with both the Marketing & Sales teams, my role is to hunt down and identify new business opportunities….through whatever means necessary!

What do you do outside of UHS?

My girlfriend Amber takes up most of my time….lucky girl! Otherwise you’ll probably find me eating out, down the gym or on a football pitch with my mates.

What is your favourite food?

Pretty much anything with BBQ sauce on it.