Facilitating the Agile Working Movement

PUBLISHED BY: Facilitating the Agile Working Movement POSTED ON: Friday 02, 2019

Facilitating the Agile Working Movement

PUBLISHED BY: Facilitating the Agile Working Movement POSTED ON: Friday 02, 2019

Nearly 2 decades into the 21st century, we’re rapidly starting to see the move from rigid office environments, to free and fluid agile working spaces. This approach is frequently proving to facilitate creativity and productivity in workers, with lots of big companies adopting open work areas and creative spaces. Significantly, employers are quickly learning the importance and benefits of this innovative concept and realising, that in order to nurture a workforce to perform at optimum level, there needs to be a significant change in the way we work, and ultimately, think!

Agile working may provide the change that your business needs
Making the change from a more typical office space to an agile working layout may appear challenging at first, however, consider some of the benefits and it will start to make sense…

Increased productivity – to be motivated, engaged, and to perform at an optimum level, staff need an efficient, effective, and energised environment. Agile working injects a certain level of energy and pace into a business.

Smart workspace utilisation – the introduction of agile working will free up office space for collaborative work, and/or create space to support growth.

Agile furniture options
At UHS Group, we create furniture to inspire. If you’re working with an office space and tasked with finding the right furniture to maximise its capacity without losing that open plan feel, let us show you how.

Transform spaces into places.
Allowing staff to move freely and work wherever they like (also known as hot desking) is an essential component of the agile office. The “U” Frame Co-Create Table works fantastically in this environment, and provides the perfect opportunity for customisation. In addition, our packages ensure that tech essentials are catered for – such as power modules, cable trays, charging stations and table lamps. Ultimately, this table is the perfect place for workers to set down and start work in an instant, and also provides a space for a meeting when heads need to come together. Choose from a raw lacquered finish or a standard RAL colour tailored exactly to your agile office vision and brand colours.

Office life and coffee naturally go hand-in-hand. As a result, a less-formal seating area for people to take their work (and coffee) is essential in creating that unshackled feel that embodies agile working. A coffee break space should also double-up as an eating area and create the opportunity to introduce some comfort. Our Morello Arm Chair offers all of this without compromising on space; with a depth of 75cm and width of 71cm, workers can relax without taking up valuable space that office furniture, such as a sofa, might. When it comes to style, this chair is fully customisable with our Configure Tool – you’re able to view the product in a full range of materials, colours, and finishes to suit its new environment. Space dependent, pair with our Granville Coffee Table to complete your adaptable seating area.

Stools and benches look great outside of pubs and bars.
Floating table tops accompanied by stylish bar stools are the perfect way to introduce a new work area without needing much extra space Our Tagg Barstool not only looks great, but has the benefit of a backrest whilst still providing a snug fit under the workbench when not in use. Again, you’re able to customise this item with our Configure Tool (and a seat pad can be added for extra comfort!).

We hope that this blog post has provided you with the inspiration that you need to transform your workspace into a hive of innovation, creativity, and productivity.

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