Creating the Perfect Lounge

POSTED ON: Friday 01, 2020

Creating the Perfect Lounge

POSTED ON: Friday 01, 2020

Imagine the scene. You have a meeting at a new company. As you step into the reception, you’re met with an office space that’s dull, grey and uninspiring. Think Mad Men meets The Office (only without the comic relief).

Now picture the complete opposite. The area is spacious; the atmosphere friendly and inviting. You get an instant feeling that’s collaborative, innovative and, above all, welcoming. The difference? It all comes down to the décor.

Functional at Best

The reception area of your office is the first impression you give of your company and brand. While waiting rooms of years gone by may have followed a similar aesthetic, the rules today have changed. Gone are the days of sterile, uninspiring waiting rooms. They’ve since been replaced with open-plan lounge spaces primed for connection, in every sense of the word.

Want to leave a positive and lasting impression on clients? It all begins in the lounge area. Ideally you want to create a sense of professionalism that’s still approachable, warm and personal. The first step to achieving this is by setting the mood instantly in the welcome area. By carefully curating the furniture pieces, accents of colour and design layout, you’re setting the stage for what your company has to offer.

Simply Does It

What sort of furniture would best fit the culture and clientele of your company? When it comes to a lounge area, your best bet are pieces in relaxed, neutral tones and textured accents. As the space will need to accommodate both clients and staff, it’s important to focus on functionality and durability. Focus on the people who will be using the space day in and day out. The simpler the concept and design, the better.

Envisage your company’s current reception space. Is it filled with individual, stand-alone pieces, or is there a more sparse, open-plan design? Above all, what is the feeling you get as you scan the room? Your reception area should be a space that welcomes visitors to your company and makes them feel comfortable and at ease. Similarly, your staff members would enjoy a lounge where they can unwind and relax between meetings and business calls. Create an inviting space that caters to both needs and you’re on your way to fostering a sense of community right in your front office.

It’s the Little Things That Count

Don’t get bogged down with the details though. Allow us at UHS International to do the hard work for you. We’ve got the tools and expertise to craft a lounge space that’s ideal for your company’s individual needs. We understand that you want an area that is as empowering for staff and employees as it is inviting and professional for visitors.

With years of experience in helping companies create inspired spaces, we’re just a phone call away from helping you do the same. Let our team of experts transform your vision of productivity and wellness into a lounge area that perfectly represents your company. Contact us today to start your journey to creating the perfect lounge!