Create a Cafe Your Employees Will Love

PUBLISHED BY: Create a Cafe Your Employees Will Love POSTED ON: Tuesday 01, 2020

Create a Cafe Your Employees Will Love

PUBLISHED BY: Create a Cafe Your Employees Will Love POSTED ON: Tuesday 01, 2020

Coffee, anyone? A simple enough question, and one we say to friends and colleagues alike day in and day out. And why not? A quick chat over a cup of coffee is as much a part of everyday office life as a weekly meeting or a brainstorming session.

So why not make your company cafe as inviting and comfortable as possible? Be it a few minor changes in the layout and design or a full-scale rehash of the décor, renovating your cafe space can do wonders to the overall appearance and ambience of your working environment.

That is our primary focus at UHS Group. Our extensive range of agile furniture doubles up as both functional and fashionable – the perfect blend for a comfortable cafe-meets-lounge area.

Small Changes, Big Rewards 

Never underestimate the difference that a few simple changes can make. In fact, when it comes to cafe renovation, less is undeniably more. Consider the space you’re working with and add a few choice pieces to enhance what is already there. Make minimalist design work for you. Take simple wooden furniture, for example. What might seem basic on its own, is suddenly transformed with the addition of bright pops of colour. With the walls kept light and uncluttered, select items in vivid colour as focal standout pieces in the room. Choose between accessories, artwork or plants to create texture and contrast. Who knows – you may even inspire an unexpected burst of creativity among your team!


Function Meets Style

No-one wants to spend time in a space that’s dull and dreary. Besides the colour aspect, don’t ignore the impact that design plays in creating a comfortable space. Ideally, you want sturdy, long-lasting hardware that still has that cosy yet modern appeal. Which style should you go for? Consider the needs of your staff. A large, open space could benefit from smaller, round tables to break up the space and create a more personal effect. If it’s a more social environment you’re after, how about high bar tables and stools to create a communal buzz? Then again, you could combine the two – small tables designed for those looking to dine alone or work over lunch paired alongside larger tables for bigger, more social groups. You may just foster a feeling of team camaraderie, right there on your lunch break!

Something For Everyone

Whatever your requirements are, let us assist you in crafting your ideal cafe space. Your cafe could also be used to host various events. A selection of folding or stackable stools and tables from our range of agile cafe furniture’s may be the ideal solution. Sturdy yet lightweight, these agile furniture pieces are easy and quick to rearrange as the need arises. Not forgetting the daily wear and tear too, of course! Our agile cafe furniture has been designed to withstand the inevitable spills and stains that come with everyday use.

Whatever your cafe furniture needs, UHS Group has the perfect fit for you!



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