5 Tips on Buying the Perfect Outdoor Furniture

POSTED ON: Thursday 05, 2020

5 Tips on Buying the Perfect Outdoor Furniture

POSTED ON: Thursday 05, 2020

Outdoor furniture is made to withstand outside temperature and related environmental conditions. It is for this reason that moving indoor furniture outdoors would not be the best of ideas. For example, in tropical countries, outdoor furniture would be made such that they endure heat as well as rain. Humid climates mean more moisture content which could lead to mould growth, wood warping etc.

No doubt, choosing the right outdoor furniture could be more challenging than choosing indoor furniture.

How to choose the right outdoor furniture?

Understand the space available

Consider the space available and the shape of it. The area and the shape together should determine the size of furniture. Be it a restaurant, hotel, pub, rooftop bar or office, you need to first decide if you want to utilise all the space available with furniture or leave some space for moving around. For example, a restaurant may want to cordon off some area for children to run about or have a play area. A pub can have their outdoor seating areas furnished with a more relaxed setup with pieces like the  Spazio Corner sofa.

Decide the pieces

In addition to visual and aesthetic appeal, you should be able to move around comfortably. Decide the pieces keeping in mind the overall tone for your place. A bar table and barstools concept can be mixed with cosy lounge sofas. Or a beer garden can be furnished with a Mill frame picnic bench to make over-the-table conversations comfortable. Moda armchairs are perfect to expand your restaurant or pub to the street especially during the summers.

Check the materials

Outdoor furniture should ideally be made of quick-drying and fade-resistant material, as they should be able to withstand both moisture and temperature. Also, they should be durable and enable easy cleaning and maintenance. If space is sheltered, you can consider more materials like steel. In general, you should be looking for materials like water-repellent fabric, aluminium, synthetic wicker, plastic that is UV protected etc. Millboard, used for a lot of our furniture, is a great material for the outdoors. Even with direct weather exposure and extensive usage, it is warping and rotting resistant. Its high resilience makes for easy maintenance and stain resistance.

Stick to your style

Any commercial space becomes appealing once if all its elements are in sync. A restaurant, pub or hotel is complete only when its theme and tone are matched in every aspect, which includes the furniture, cutlery, menu style, interiors and so on. A minimalistic tone calls for minimalist style in every angle. The outdoor seating area should also reflect the theme. You can insert a piece or two in different colour or style (but one that syncs with the overall theme) to stand out and break the monotony.


Greenery will never go out of style. Make your space more inviting and livelier with potted plants and tiny planters to increase the cosy quotient of your space. You could even include artificial items like grass to go easy on the maintenance aspect. Include heaters that can be used throughout the year. Fairy lights and hanging decorations make for very attractive accents in your overall theme and look, depending on the theme of your restaurant or hotel.