Bar stools – an integral part of a venue’s design and comfort

  • POSTED ON: Friday 01, 2018

UHS Group is a leading supplier of  quality bar stools – perfect for the hospitality and commercial industry. We understand that bar stools are so much more than “space savers” in venues. They are an integral element of an establishment’s overall design and comfort. Our durable and stylish bar stools range from ultra-modern wire framed metal stools to classic wooden pieces.

The biggest hospitality chains have selected UHS as their quality bar stool supplier:

Be At One cocktail bars has worked with UHS Group across a number of venues to create the perfect cocktail bar. The well-known bar chain asks its customers to “leave the world outside and join us for a cocktail, crafted just for you by our energetic and skilled bartenders, whilst getting lost in the music and atmosphere around you”. Our furniture (especially the bar stools) certainly adds to the Be At One party atmosphere – as well as stylish, they are of great quality (so can withstand the energy of Be At One!).

• We’ve worked with the Sheffield branch of Australian bar, Walkabout, to supply them with a range of seating – perfect for a venue with a chilled out day-time vibe followed by a busy night life.

The Cabin Bar, Bristol Airport is electric luxury! We’ve created bright blue barstools for this premium bar (complete with rooftop terrace). With fine wine, craft beers and delicious food on offer, our barstools fit right in.

Design or Durability… why not both?

When selecting the best bar stool – or any other furniture – for your venue or refurbishment project, is durability at the top of the list? Or do you value design over “robustness”? At UHS, we believe that both demands should be of equal importance.

We’re able to subject furniture to a set of tests created specifically for the hospitality sector, as well as British Standards of endurance contract level 2, and BIFMA – the American furniture standard. Products passing these tests are “RIGA certified” and are marked as fit for purpose for the hospitality public sector.

But if you’re looking to create your own masterpiece, using our product configurator, you can do just that. The configurator allows you to select from the following specifications:

• Design: wire or wood frames, solid or soft seating, high back, low back or no back, choose the stool design to suit your establishment.

• Colour: from the frame, legs, seat pad and back pad, your colour schemes are completely flexible.

• Material: choose from a range of leathers and fabrics in virtually any colour to match your décor.

• Finish: from wood to laminate and metal finishes, you have complete creative
licence to design the perfect look.

If you’re in need of furniture for your hospitality or commercial project, contact us today on 0330 1222 400 or email [email protected].

  • POSTED ON: Friday 01, 2018


What do you do at UHS?

Provide graphic design content for brand publications, website development and social media engagement.

What do you do outside of UHS?

Go for walks along the Thames with my dog, brush up on my Table Tennis skills so Elston doesn’t beat me and follow the mighty Arsenal!

What is your favourite food?

Pasta… can’t beat carbo-loading!

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More and more people are searching using Siri, Echo and Alexa technologies, so we decided to put it to the test!

We asked Siri who was the leading supplier of hospitality and commercial furniture… see the response below:


Printeriors approached UHS to help them supply furniture for their stand at the Fespa event in Berlin – this came after they saw images of the futuristic but retro looking Kite Chair.

Printeriors is a unique exhibit showcasing the many developing opportunities and benefits of using print in the interior design sector.

Forming part of the visitor experience at the FESPA Global Print Expo, in Berlin from 15-18 May, join designers, printers and manufacturers from all over Europe in discovering the innovative print applications and technology open to the interior design market.

[Above] Models from the event posing with the Jack Coffee Table supplied by UHS Group.

Print is revolutionising the way designers and architects work and leading the way for digital technology in production. This means shorter lead times in addition to more economical, straightforward and environmentally friendly processes.

We supplied furniture for the Printeriors stand at the Fespa event in Berlin. The theme of the stand was an “Airport Lounge of 2030” so our timeless Jack Coffee table, and retro Kite chairs fitted perfectly with the design.

Are you on the hunt for contract furniture for your student accommodation project?

UHS Group has been designing and providing modern furniture for establishments popular with students for several years… cheeky Nando’s anyone? Our vibrant chairs, tables, sofas, and stools can be found in commercial venues all over the UK – popular restaurants you’ve almost definitely heard of showcasing our collections include Nando’s, KFC, Zizzi, and ASK Italian.


Nando’s Oxford, furnished by UHS Group.


Collaborate with UHS to create an enviable student living environment 

The cost of living on or off campus means that students are no longer happy with flimsy plastic chairs and threadbare sofas. Invest in pieces to create an enviable student living environment, and a lasting impression in such a competitive arena.


The Collective Co-working & Co-living, furnished by UHS Group.


Need inspiration for your student accommodation project? 

Blok Seating by UHS Group


To gain interior inspiration (and take the first step towards designing your students’ living space) browse the collections on offer at UHS Group. Our favourites include Blok Seatingand Co-Create Tables – these items are stylish, practical, and robust (sturdy enough to last more than a few lively semesters!).


Co-Create Table Range by UHS Group


In addition, a recent piece, the Kite Lounge Chair, offers a contemporary design with definitive angles – the perfect statement piece for a modern halls of residence.


Kite Lounge Chair by UHS Group


As well as providing stylish furniture, UHS Group understands the importance of furniture safety in commercial and public settings.

UHS Group is known for its hospitality projects. As a result, our knowledge of developing resilient furniture fit for use in challenging public environments is comprehensive (furniture safety is of paramount importance to us).



After realising the need for a hospitality furniture endurance standard, we developed RIGAtesting – an independent hospitality furniture testing house. The knowledge required to develop this standard puts us in a unique position as a student furniture supplier – we’re able to combine established furniture standards and perform additional unique tests in line with our clients’ requirements. For more information, visit:


It’s that time of year again when the outdoors opens up… We see some great inspiration from London terraces, Rome rooftops, Parisian streets and the riverside in Cologne.

An outdoor terrace, eating or social space is an area that requires as much attention as the interior as it become increasingly popular to eat outdoors. Nestling into a corner with sheepskin rugs, scatter cushions and a Rosemary Lemonade Cocktail as the evening dusk settles is a great time for friendly chats, happy laughter and refreshing social gatherings!

To create that space that is stimulating we have a range of outdoor contract furniture that is colourful, in metal, plastic or timber. Add some seating in an Olive green tone with some Pastel pinks along with the Mill Collection tables, throw a rug over the seat, backdrop it with a plant scheme and climbers and there you have it a space to chill!


Social: @uhsgroup

Tel: 0330 1222 400