Are you a designer…?

  • POSTED ON: Wednesday 06, 2017

What will youdesign?

As part of the ongoing mission to be the leading furniture brand in hospitality, UHS is developing software and design platforms to ensure the specification process is easy, enjoyable and empowering. Recently the launch of youdesign campaign is just a start of the journey.

Youdesign is a platform where you can choose a product, configurate in your own design, download, specify, purchase or have fun.

From choosing the wood finish to picking the colour of the frame, the tool lets you customise the minute details of your furniture, giving those working in the hospitality industry increased control and flexibility when it comes to the design of their venues.

The pioneering online tool was designed bespoke by UHS, with user experience front of mind. The service uses colour, material and price filters which let you quickly browse and select your preferred options. You can then save an image of your masterpiece when you’re done – perfect for adding to moodboards or sharing on social media!

Whether you’re furnishing a venue from scratch and looking for a full suite of furniture, or you’re hoping to revamp an existing layout, this tool can be used to create the perfect fit.

Enjoy the experience

  • POSTED ON: Wednesday 06, 2017


What do you do at UHS?

Create strategies to implement and fulfil the brand vision…

What do you do outside of UHS?

Spend time with my wife and family, keeping active with the kids who love everything from roller blading, climbing, cycling and if the sun is out at the beach! I love to travel and eat good food and drink great red wine..

What is your favourite food?

Nothing is better than a seafood grill! add some crisp Semillon and its a winner… although every now and then a good steak will win me over…with a good Shiraz!

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New inquiry comes in to your inbox.
You put some options together, price it up and send.
Follow up a week later – Won or Lost
I’ll be honest with you, I’ve done this before and seen plenty of my colleagues do the same.

To some of you there may seem nothing wrong with this approach to B2B sales, however I’m confident for the majority – this doesn’t work.

I’m talking to the companies and sales people that offer more to a customer than ‘the cheapest price’.

Which leads me to the question…

How far would you go for the Sale?

You’ve probably seen these Sales Statistics before but it’s worth sharing again…

Contacting someone 5 to 12 times may sound like harassment but if you’re asking the correct questions and adding value each time, they’ll thank you for it.

It’s all about building relationships and being given a fair chance to explain how your offer can/will benefit them.

You’ll often find that the inquiry you’ve received isn’t the best solution for the their needs and that after the 5th/12th call, the inquiry will look very different to the original.


If for the customer, it’s only about finding the lowest price, then just re-direct them to Amazon.

No response to Calls & Emails…

This is a very common problem for most sales people and will often leave them at stage one in the previously mentioned Sales Statistics.

However, thanks to the online world we live in, most people are connected and contactable. Here are a few online methods to try:

· LinkedIn – View profile, Connect + Message (all touch-points)

· WhatsApp – Call or Message (You’ll be surprised at the response rate you get!)

· Others: Facebook, Twitter, Skype – all possible options

Otherwise, there are a few other techniques you can try after speaking with your contacts colleagues:

· Ask for alternative phone numbers i.e. Mobile, DDI

· Speak with someone else who is working on the project.

· If your customer is out of the office, ask if you could meet them on location.

Again, this may all sound like harassment, but we live in a fast-paced world where people are often ‘too busy to respond’.

This is about never giving up on your customer, finding the most convenient way for them to discuss the inquiry and achieving the best solution to their problem.

I hope you’ve found these points useful and remember that nothing is IMPOSSIBLE!

Over the next 6 weeks, we will be on the road meeting architects and designers across the country, demonstrating our brand new furniture configurator – Youdesign.

We will also be showcasing our Online Innovation Hub where you can download our library of CAD / 3D files, view our range of in-stock furniture and buy customised furniture online.

Sign-up here –

If you’ve got a spare 15 mins to see us, we will return the favour by dropping in some gifts, or buying you a coffee.

Drop us a line to book an appointment or call 0330 1222 400.

UHS Group has been seen “Walking the Talk” of leadership by achieving the impossible for the KFC Expo.

This award was recognised by Chris Hatt of KFC who said “UHS Group have proved themselves great partners to KFC and showed if you shoot for the moon, the sky isn’t the limit! Great effort!”

Rolfe Edwards, Sales Director at UHS Group, said “Everyone here at UHS is delighted to receive this recognition for all the hard work we’ve put in, and it shows how dedicated we are to pleasing our clients”.

If you would like to find out about a specific project or product, please email us at or call 0330 1222 400.

Follow us on social media to keep up with the latest news and updates from UHS Group…
Twitter – @UHSGroup
Facebook – @uhsgroup
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Following the launch of our new website and product configurator in the last year, we have launched an Online Innovation Hub to bring us a step closer to becoming the easiest furniture company in the hospitality industry to order from. The exclusive benefits of signing up include…

We have put a lot of time and investment into building an extensive library of the highest quality CAD and 3D models. We hope this helps designers and architects produce the best possible visuals for their clients, containing our high quality contract furniture products.

You may have heard about our “Youdesign” product configurator which was launched earlier this year… Well we didn’t stop there! We have developed this further so that you can now get a price and an estimated lead time for your configured product… not only that but you can also buy the product online! This gives you an exact impression on what the product will look like, so you can check that it fits the style of your specific product.

You can view the price of all items in our in-stock range, buy them online and get delivery in 10 days! With a fantastic variety of dining chairs, outdoor chairs, sofas, armchairs, tables and more… we guarantee we’ll have a solution for you that’s available immediately.

1. Visit:
2. Click “LOGIN / REGISTER” in the top-right hand corner.
3. Scroll down to the Register form, or Login (existing users)
4. Fill out the form with your details (address, phone no etc)
Once you’ve submitted your form, your account will be reviewed and either approved or denied by UHS within 24 working hours. The user will receive an email to confirm if their account has been activated, and what their login details are.
5. Click “LOGIN / REGISTER” in the top-right hand corner, or visit to login with the details provided in your email.
6. You are now logged in and can EDIT your account details if required.
For more information – click here to download our Infogram.