This is the most amazing week of the year so far – national curry week and national chocolate week! A great excuse to grab a takeaway and eat a stack of chocolate! Which begs the questions… what would you choose? Let the battle of the foods begin! For me it’s got to be Curry… specifically […]

The introduction of Rust! The oldest new kid on the block… Rust! We have seen the resurgence of Rust in recent months to great effect. Years of chemical reaction is used to create a dark distinctive burnt orangey colour, which is perfect for those ultra-industrial themes. Old warehouses with exposed brickwork could be effective with […]

Soft subtle pinks and electric ink blues are the colours on trend that are taking over London’s design scene. Anyone who’s anyone is using them so it’s time to get involved. Why do they work so well? Soft subtle pinks are like mayonnaise… they literally go with anything! But unlike mayonnaise they are used in […]

Found in some of the UK’s most well-known bar and restaurant chains, including ETM Greenwood in London, plus Café Football & Hotel Football in Manchester. Our bar furniture is resilient enough to take the strain of any busy sports bar or pub! Commercial sports bar furniture A forerunner in the hospitality furnishing industry, we’re able […]

Are you looking for retro bar furniture? UHS Group provides retro bar furniture to create a nostalgic yet stylish vibe at your venue. Our selection includes bar stools, tables, chairs and more. The future is retro bar furniture Retro bar furniture is essential when creating the illusion of a bygone era. Add to the illusion […]

As a forerunner in the hospitality industry we strive to be the leading furniture supplier which ensures we keep in trend with our furniture designs and styles. This year we have seen a few changes that have shaped the interiors of restaurants, bars, hotels and even the commercial spaces. Comfort away from home is key, […]

UK Cocktail Bar Furniture Are you looking for cocktail bar furniture? At UHS Group, all bar furniture is designed with an obsessive eye for detail and quality – we offer bar stools, tables, sofas and armchairs exuding quality, craftsmanship and contemporary design. Based in Oxfordshire UK, UHS Group is a forerunner in hospitality furnishing. We […]

New inquiry comes in to your inbox. You put some options together, price it up and send. Follow up a week later – Won or Lost I’ll be honest with you, I’ve done this before and seen plenty of my colleagues do the same. To some of you there may seem nothing wrong with this […]

What will youdesign? As part of the ongoing mission to be the leading furniture brand in hospitality, UHS is developing software and design platforms to ensure the specification process is easy, enjoyable and empowering. Recently the launch of youdesign campaign is just a start of the journey. Youdesign is a platform where you can choose […]

So last week I had the experience of working in New York, travelling via Uber, working in a coworking space, ordering lunch via (USA’s version of Deliveroo) – Great I could get used to this…! Whilst there I was among digital creatives, coders, international representatives, fashion and music companies. The respect was great, the […]

Outdoor space is becoming more and more popular in the UK. These areas are great for revenue boosting in a restaurant as long as the space is appealing, smart, attractive, and clean. Aesthetically pleasing, fir for purpose and appropriate furniture is always a challenge for the restaurant owner because of the Great British elements, however […]

We find it fascinating that as the modern world is fast developing, our need for good furniture has not changed. As top performing companies are focussing on creativity, talent and creating the right atmosphere, comfortable and inspirational furniture has never been so important. This made us think of a new formula for success Brains + […]