UK Cocktail Bar Furniture Are you looking for cocktail bar furniture? At UHS Group, all bar furniture is designed with an obsessive eye for detail and quality – we offer bar stools, tables, sofas and armchairs exuding quality, craftsmanship and contemporary design. Based in Oxfordshire UK, UHS Group is a forerunner in hospitality furnishing. We […]

New inquiry comes in to your inbox. You put some options together, price it up and send. Follow up a week later – Won or Lost I’ll be honest with you, I’ve done this before and seen plenty of my colleagues do the same. To some of you there may seem nothing wrong with this […]

What will youdesign? As part of the ongoing mission to be the leading furniture brand in hospitality, UHS is developing software and design platforms to ensure the specification process is easy, enjoyable and empowering. Recently the launch of youdesign campaign is just a start of the journey. Youdesign is a platform where you can choose […]

So last week I had the experience of working in New York, travelling via Uber, working in a coworking space, ordering lunch via (USA’s version of Deliveroo) – Great I could get used to this…! Whilst there I was among digital creatives, coders, international representatives, fashion and music companies. The respect was great, the […]

Outdoor space is becoming more and more popular in the UK. These areas are great for revenue boosting in a restaurant as long as the space is appealing, smart, attractive, and clean. Aesthetically pleasing, fir for purpose and appropriate furniture is always a challenge for the restaurant owner because of the Great British elements, however […]

We find it fascinating that as the modern world is fast developing, our need for good furniture has not changed. As top performing companies are focussing on creativity, talent and creating the right atmosphere, comfortable and inspirational furniture has never been so important. This made us think of a new formula for success Brains + […]

Well not totally, but shall we just get on with it? And then let’s move forward in confidence. At UHS Group we have been musing in recent times and decided we are a bit ‘Britalian’ because we have Italian and British teams working close together in a great collaborative spirit, so whatever happens Brexit will […]

“Morning, Morning, Morning, Morning” Smile and Nod “Hi, how you doing? Yeah good thanks” Head down, get to the desk as quick as possible “Guuhhh the traffic was awful!” These are just a few common examples of what I’ve experienced from my time working in an office. How do you enter the office? I’ll be […]

With a valuation of $30 billion, Airbnb is now worth approx. $7 billion more than the next most valuable hospitality company – Hilton Worldwide ($23.33 billion). It is also nearly worth more than Hilton and Hyatt ($6.87 billion) combined ($30.2 billion). This is rather extraordinary for a company that started in just 2008, and is […]

Be bold… Its already February! A good start and everyone is in the race, how are you going to win? This year we are approaching with enthusiasm, positivity and excitement, because we feel this is going to be good. After landing some great contracts and projects at the latter part of last year we step […]

So the burning question is why would I choose a product that is suitable for contract use and not an item from an online company when the price difference can be so substantial? Well…. To start with the reality is that in fact the cost really isn’t any more; in fact in the long term […]

The challenge We very much relish getting our teeth into a creative project with a passionate brand, and the Oxford Nando’s refit we took on last year was one of our 2016 highlights. Nando’s were not just looking for a boost to the restaurant’s interior, they wanted to ensure the refit delivered that elusive ‘wow’ […]