UHS Group is a forerunner in the global hospitality furnishing industry, continually inspiring, creating and finding ingenious and beautiful solutions for restaurants, bars and hotels. We love to share our energy and passion for great furniture, design and hospitality, and our relationship with our customers and suppliers is a partnership founded on trust and confidence.


True innovation occurs for us when we can connect a specifier’s vision with our experience and discoveries – developing durable products, affordable ideas, inventing new techniques and trying new materials. Our focus on people and progressively improving the hospitality industry step-by-step has resulted in some incredible collaborations of which we are very proud.

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We at UHS are well equipped to create a comfortable
atmosphere for your restaurant, with our fantastic range
of contemporary dining furniture.

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Furnishing Victoria’s “Super” Nova

We are proud to show our furniture in restaurants and hotels all over the world, and the latest Nova project at London Victoria is up there with the best. Nova Food have already started opening restaurants and when it’s fully complete in Summer 2017, there will be 17 new restaurants and 3 kiosks in total… […]

UHS Achieve “Zero Waste to Landfill”

ACM Environment PLC has awarded UHS the Greener Path Award for achieving “Zero Waste to Landfill” during the 2016 year. This award is in recognition of exceptional environmental performance in our waste and recycling operation. By working in partnership with ACM Environment, we have fully optimised the diversion of waste from landfill for at least […]

Brains + Good Furniture = High Performance

We find it fascinating that as the modern world is fast developing, our need for good furniture has not changed. As top performing companies are focussing on creativity, talent and creating the right atmosphere, comfortable and inspirational furniture has never been so important. This made us think of a new formula for success Brains + […]

Stuff Brexit…

Well not totally, but shall we just get on with it? And then let’s move forward in confidence. At UHS Group we have been musing in recent times and decided we are a bit ‘Britalian’ because we have Italian and British teams working close together in a great collaborative spirit, so whatever happens Brexit will […]