UHS Group is a forerunner in the global hospitality furnishing industry, continually inspiring, creating and finding ingenious and beautiful solutions for restaurants, bars and hotels. We love to share our energy and passion for great furniture, design and hospitality, and our relationship with our customers and suppliers is a partnership founded on trust and confidence.


True innovation occurs for us when we can connect a specifier’s vision with our experience and discoveries – developing durable products, affordable ideas, inventing new techniques and trying new materials. Our focus on people and progressively improving the hospitality industry step-by-step has resulted in some incredible collaborations of which we are very proud.

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We at UHS are well equipped to create a comfortable
atmosphere for your restaurant, with our fantastic range
of contemporary dining furniture.

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We at UHS strive to become the easiest company in the industry to order from, and have found the need for CAD and 3D models is getting greater through customer feedback. With this in mind, we have built an extensive CAD & 3D library of our products – we hope this will make it easy […]

The poll results are in… and comfort is king!

The results of our recent poll, ‘What’s the most important aspect for a chair for the Hospitality Industry?’, have come in – with a clear winner. 45% of responses stated that comfort was the most important aspect of hospitality furniture. This was closely followed by durability, coming in at 36%, with customisation (10%) and design […]

ROI from your outdoor space

Outdoor space is becoming more and more popular in the UK. These areas are great for revenue boosting in a restaurant as long as the space is appealing, smart, attractive, and clean. Aesthetically pleasing, fir for purpose and appropriate furniture is always a challenge for the restaurant owner because of the Great British elements, however […]

Brains + Good Furniture = High Performance

We find it fascinating that as the modern world is fast developing, our need for good furniture has not changed. As top performing companies are focussing on creativity, talent and creating the right atmosphere, comfortable and inspirational furniture has never been so important. This made us think of a new formula for success Brains + […]